Twelve Weird Uses of Vodka



5. Foot Odor

To cure your foot odor add Vodka about half a cup in a tub having filled with a little warm water then put your feet in this tub for about five to ten minutes and then wash it with the same water it will cure foot odor.


4. Earache

If you have earache then put a few drops of vodka in your ear. After few minutes, drain it by putting your ear downward. Vodka will kill all the bacteria which were causing pain in your ear. If pain persists, contact your doctor.


3. Mouth Wash

Add about two table spoon powered cinnamon with one cup of vodka and one cup of water. Keep it in a bottle for more than a week and then filter it. Use this mixture with a little warm water as a mouth wash. It will make your gums stronger and mouth odor free.


2. Dandruff Removal and Shiny Hair

Vodka may make people look prettier. There is a remedy for healthier, lush hair: Add a cup of vodka to a 400 ml bottle of shampoo. This mixture of vodka and shampoo is better than both shampoo and conditioner. It will make your hair shiny and free of dandruff .


1. Relieve Pain of Jellyfish Sting

It has a huge history in medicines and has been sold by druggists as an ailment to cure wounds, from infertility to colic and the plague. The pain of jellyfish and ray stings is magically relieved with vodka (the enzymes that work to break down meat’s proteins also break down the stinging agents in the venom).

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