Twelve Weird Uses of Vodka

Production of vodka started as clear spirit by the 1700 century. Today, one would be surprised to know that people were making vodka by further filtration with herbs and fruits like sage, cherry, dill, blackberry, caraway, etc. which brought flavored vodka! The making of vodka did not take place until 1950. The classic cocktail Moscow Mule is actually responsible for introducing vodka to America and it became popular by 1962.

Aside of the fact that vodka is a very good drink; vodka has many other valuable uses which you may not yet know about. Vodka is one of the world’s most popular and cheep drinks; many of us have a bottle in our home. It is typically filtered and produced uncontaminated through herbs and fruits, it makes a handy liquid to have around. The alcohol in vodka has plenty of other uses which are also very easy to adopt. Some of them are given below:


12. Insecticide

It can be used as an insecticide specially to get rid of bees. One can use 250 ml spray gun and fill it with vodka, now the bottle is ready to use as an insecticide killer for bees and wasps.


11. Skin Toner

In order to use Vodka as a skin toner, one just needs to dip cotton ball into a cup of vodka and apply on skin as an astringent to cleanse the skin and tighten pores.


10. Cleaning of Eye Glasses

Simply wipe the lenses with a soft clean cloth and pour a little vodka on them. The alcohol in the vodka cleans the glasses and kills bacteria.


9. Removing Vomit Stain from Clothes

Pour some vodka on vomit stain on the effected area of the cloth. Then scrub with hand or use a brush to rub it or leave it in sunlight till the cloth dries. You will be happy to see it that stain has been removed.


8. Removing Bandage without Pain

Saturate the bandage with vodka for about three minutes. The solvent dissolves the adhesive which results in easy removal of bandage without pain.


7. Cleaning Bathtubs and Showers

To clean the algae and other spots around bathtubs and showers, spray with a bottle filled with vodka and wash it clean after this. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and algae.


6. Aching Tooth

If you have toothache, you should consult the dentist. But sometimes you can’t get an appointment of a dentist, and then you can try to heal it on its own.

In that case, try swishing a shot of vodka over the affected area. It can help disinfect, and should reduce your pain in gums or tooth.


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