Top Ten Ways to Relax


5. Get a Massage

Stress causes our bodies to tense up and over time this tension has a harder and harder time leaving the body. Not only does repeated stress cause the body to remain tense, it also causes the body to tense up quicker. All this combines into a very stressed body which also creates mental stress and will leave all of us feeling a bit overwhelmed.A talented masseuse knows how to manipulate the muscles of your body in order to get them to relax and this will help you feel more relaxed. When you notice that your shoulders always seem hunched or that you are always rubbing the back of your neck, go see a massage therapist, it will help.


4. Meditate

Meditation has long been known as a excellent relaxation method. The problem is that many people think mediation requires some kind of special training or knowledge and so never learn to use it as a way to deal with stress. The truth is that meditation is easy to learn. Sit down somewhere quiet and away from other people. Close your eyes and focus on breathing in a slow steady rhythm and nothing else. As you breath let everything around you go away until it is just you and the sound of your breath moving in and out of your body. As you do this you will feel your body relax and your mind calm and feel more energy as well. This may seem incredibly simple, but try it out for yourself and you will see that meditation doesn’t take that much effort.


3. Cuddle with someone you Love

Most of our stress is caused by other people so it may seem a bit silly to seek someone out to help you relax. It is true that other people do cause us stress, but what is just as true is that we need other people. Each and every one of us feels a need to be loved and that is why cuddling with a loved one is such a great way to relax. Whether it is your child or just a really good friend taking time to rest with someone you care about and feel them close to you is a great way to let the stress fall away from you and give you a chance to focus on what matters most.


2. Walk in Nature

The natural world is a phenomenal thing. It is filled with beauty and is a great place to go when you feel the need to get away from the daily struggles of life. It doesn’t matter of it is a small park with just a couple of trees or a massive forest, the idea is to find a place that is natural and quiet and to simply enjoy being alive at that moment in time. We as people tend to forget just how strong our connection with nature is, but it is a very real thing. It is not wonder then that one of the best ways to relax is to go out into nature and get in touch with the parts of us that don’t worry about our boss, that fight we had with our friend, or any of the other things that can cause us stress. Next time you are feeling it all build up, go find a nice quiet tree and sit under its leaves and branches for a moment. You will be glad you did.


1. Lay Down somewhere Quiet

The reason that this one tops the list is because it is the oldest and truest way to relax in the book. By taking time to find a quiet place and lay down we are giving our body and mind a chance to rest. It is important that while you lay down, you focus on not letting anything else bother you. Its hard but try to clear your mind of all the things that are going on in your life and just relax.

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