Top Ten Video Game Bad Guys

5. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Sephiroth is almost a cliché in the world of video games now, but when he first showed up in Final Fantasy VII, he was one of the most sympathetic and complex villains to show up in any medium. Driven to destroy the world by a hatred for those who had created him Sephiroth blazed a path across the world of Final Fantasy VII and even killed one of the main characters during one of the most memorable moments in video game history. Since his appearance many other villains have showed up that are just as complex and compelling, but Sephiroth really was one of the first.


4. Nemesis (Resident Evil)

Nemisis is pretty much a zombie on steroids and his only purpose seems to be busting through walls and freaking the crap out of you as you play your way through various versions of Resident Evil. Nemesis doesn’t have motivation, doesn’t care about goals, his sole purpose is to destroy you and that is honestly a bit scary when you stop to think about it. Video games generally give their bad guys a reason for being bad, but not so with Nemesis, he is simply evil and that makes him scary, very, very scary.


3. Arthus (World of Warcraft)

World of Warcraft has so many bad guys that are worth talking about you could easily do a list with just them, but Arthus is the one on this list because of his influence through so much of the backstory. Every bit of the lands of Azeroth have felt the touch of the Lich King in some way and even though he was finally defeated, his legacy still remains. What makes Arthus worthy of such a high spot on this list is that his story is one of tragedy. He was an honorable hero possessed of all the qualities we strive to have within ourselves yet slowly he was corrupted until he turned into a monstrous force of evil. You don’t get bad guys who are like Arhtus very often, and that’s probably a good thing.


2. Claudia Wolf (Silent Hill)

Claudia Wolf is the insane leader of the strange cult that you must fight against but still use to your advantage in the Silent Hill games. She at first appears to be one of the good guys wanting to protect those around her but as you delve further into the story you realize that the reasons for the horrors you are facing are all because of her actions. What makes Claudia Wolf so compelling as a villain is that she honestly believes she is doing the right thing even though those things are truly evil.


1. Zombies, Nazis, and the Rest!

You can’t have the big bad guys unless you have a lot of small bad guys on the way to them and that’s exactly why these bad guys show up on the very top of the list. Without your various zombies, nazi’s, and other such things, video games would simply be a series of boss fights with no real purpose. Sure, the average zombie lasts about one second in a video game, but when you look at how many of them there are and the fact they will keep you occupied for hours you have to agree they are the best video game bad guys ever.

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