Top Ten Soda Flavors

5. Cherry

Cherry isn’t so much a particular flavor of soda as it is an added flavoring to virtually every other soda out there. From the big boys of Coca Cola and Pepsi down to the local pharmacist everyone offers a little cherry flavor in their soda. The reason cherry works so well with such a wide variety of sodas is that it maintains a strong flavor that actually melds well with the other flavors it is mixed with. This is a great way to spruce up almost any soda.


4. Ginger

Ginger-flavored soda normally is given the moniker of ginger ale, and while there are still some ginger sodas that use real ginger, many of them are simply flavored to taste like ginger. As a stand-alone flavor ginger is actually quite popular and sells well across the nation. As a mixer however, ginger flavors tend to be something that only works with particular styles of drinks. Another common use for ginger soda is medicinal and has been used for helping calm down stomach aches and clear up a sore throat.


3. Orange

Like strawberry, orange soda is losing its popularity as more sophisticated flavors continue to vie for its market. Orange soda was at one time the second most popular flavor of soda outside of cola in the U.S. but consumer demand has fallen sharply over the last couple of decades as the popularity and availability of orange juice has increased. While orange soda does make a decent mixer for adult drinks, most people prefer to use actual orange juice instead and it looks like orange soda may slowly be fading away as a common flavor of soda.


2. Root Beer

Root Beer is actually a common name for soda that was brewed with sarsaparilla root. Over time root beer has become more of an artificial flavor and there are few root beers that actually use sarsaparilla anymore. Root Beer is a very distinctive flavor that most people either really enjoy or dislike quite a bit. One place in which Root Beer is widely used is in the ice cream float and while other sodas have been used, none carry the flavor of ice cream the way root beer does.


1. Cola

Cola soda started out being flavored with the cola bean but most modern colas use artificial flavoring to duplicate the taste of the cola bean. Cola is currently the king of soda flavors and is produced by a startling number of beverage makers. Cola is best used to mix with whisky and makes a horrible mixer outside of this spirit.

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