Top Ten Sandbox Style Games

5. Roblox

At first glance Roblox appears to be a game for kids and given the fact that it is populated by children it lives up to that expectation. However, if you take some time to get past the obvious kid appeal of the game you will find a very well done sandbox game that allows you to create as much content as your heart desires. Whether you feel like making a lost island filled with pirates or a football field all of this and more is possible within the world of Roblox.


4. Minecraft

Minecraft is a surprisingly popular game that is all about you creating a world just the way you want it. While the name implies that you will spend a lot of time mining this is actually not how the game works. By using a series of tools you can dig out tunnels, build houses, even to a degree create animals and other such things. If you get bored with building yourself you can log into the Minecraft server and explore the worlds created by other people. This is a great game to introduce to your children and spend a few hours playing with them.


3. SecondLife

SecondLIfe is a virtual world the almost exclusively features user generated content. In SecondLife you create an avatar and can make them look and move in any fashion you wish and move them through a virtual word filled with nightclubs, castles, accurate models of real world cities and more. SecondLIfe is the epitome of what a computer based sandbox game should be. The one thing you should be aware of about SecondLife is that it is not a place for young children given that it is highly social in nature and caters to adults.


2. Pen and Paper Role Playing Games

The pen and paper role playing game started out in the late sixties with a game called Dungeons and Dragons and since its inception pen and paper role playing games have reached hundreds of millions of people who get together at a friend’s house, share munchies and play the part of wizards, vampires and more. The pen and paper rpg requires a lot of imagination but when done right will suck you into a world of your own creation without ever having to touch a video game controller.


1. Let’s Pretend

Before the rise of video games, before the invention of television, children were left largely to their own devices for entertainment and somehow managed to survive despite not having a single electronic game in their possession. In the sandbox game of let’s pretend a thumb and forefinger became a gun, a stick became a sword, and whatever material was handy became whatever the children playing let’s pretend turned it into. Let’s pretend is so poplar and beloved around the world that on any given day you can walk down a street and you are likely to find someone playing this game. The best part about let’s pretend is that its free, and that it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are willing to let your imagination free for just a little while, you can play too.

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