Top Ten Questionable Parenting Decisions

5. You must win at everything

Because our children are the future or our own legacy it is understandable that we would want them to be successful people. Encouraging a child to succeed is a wonderful thing and on occasion pushing them a little harder is a good thing but there is a point when it’s too much. By drilling the idea that they always have to win into their head we run the risk of creating people who carry to much stress and eventually this can cause serious health problems. If a child feels like they will not be loved because they lost this gives them a very bleak view of themselves because no matter how awesome we are, we will have times we lose. Teach your child to be competitive but also teach them that no matter if they win or lose they will still be loved.


4. Rewarding a child with food

We all have to eat and part of being a good parent is making sure your children have enough to eat. Another part of being a good parent is making sure that your child eats healthily. Obesity is a growing epidemic that shows no signs of abating anytime soon and while there are a lot of reasons for it, one such reason is because some parents reward their child with food. We should reward our children and occasionally giving them a treat for doing well is a great reward but when you reward everything they do with food they get a skewed value for food.


3. Wielding an Iron Fist

Children are challenging and at times can seem to be completely out of control. More than one parent has resorted to authoritarian tactics to gain a sense of control over both the child and themselves. Children do need authority in their lives or they will never learn to deal with it as adults. Add to this the fact some of the most rebellious children come from homes where they have very little if any freedom and it doesn’t take a child psychologist to know that while authority and boundaries are a good thing for children, overdoing it can be very bad.


2. TV as a babysitter

The truth is that both parents work in most family households and this can mean that both parents have little to any time to watch their children. While it is an easy way to deal with the cost of a baby sitter to let your children watch TV, the problem of using TV as a babysitter comes in when parents are actually available and still don’t involve themselves with their children. It’s not easy to have energy to do something with the kids when you get home from work and most of us are hard pressed to make dinner much less spend time with the family. While the reasons are understandable every parent could benefit their children by turning off the TV and sitting down and talking with them. You don’t have to go out and do something active or spend money on an activity, by simply taking an hour each day to sit and listen to your children will pay huge dividends in the future.


1. Medicating the child

Before anything else is said it should be stated quite clearly that there are some children that do need medication in order to function well. If your child has a legitimate need for medication then by all means make sure they get it. The problem with medicating children isn’t that there are those who need it, it’s that there are so many who are medicated that actually don’t need it at all. It’s easy to understand why this happens. Parents have busy lives and when they come home to a child that is out of control, they can easily feel overwhelmed. This often leads them to believe that their child needs some kind of counseling and very often the counselors recommend medication (remember they only have limited time to actually deal with the child). The sad result is that more and more children are being medicated when cutting down sugar intake and giving them a little attention would actually to more good.

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