Top Ten Natural Wonders of the World

The planet earth is a breathtaking masterpiece of art. Our planet is home to so much beauty that putting a list together like this is quite a daunting task. In fact if you simply took one state from the U.S. you could easily find enough natural wonders there to make a list of hundreds of places that all have their very own beauty and wonder. The natural wonders on this list are things that for one reason or another represent some of the best that our world has to offer.


10. White Cliffs of Dover, Great Britain

The British Isles have so many natural wonders that picking a single one for this list is no easy feat. The reason the White Cliffs of Dover appear on this list is because of their iconic imagery that represents so many events that occurred in Western history. Dating back to the first explorations by the Romans through the horrors of the Nazi bombing campaign, the White Cliffs of Dover have come to represent the irrepressible will of the British people more than any other natural land mark in the region.


9. Rainbow Bridge, Utah

Rainbow Bridge is not on this list so much because of its own merits, of which it has plenty, but because it is so indicative of the beauty of the American Southwest. This harsh and unforgiving landscape is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Home to red sandstone cliffs carved by the hand of mother nature herself, the Southwest is resplendent with beauty that will take your breath away.


8. Crystal Caves, Mexico

Not all of our planet’s beauty is on the surface and the Crystal Caves are a resplendent example of this fact. These caves stretch for miles under the surface of Mexico and host some of the most jaw dropping sights ever unearthed by humans. The earth itself took millions of years to create this titanic garden of rock sculptures that even Michelangelo would be hard pressed to equal.


7. The Giant Steps, Ireland

If you were to look at the Giant Steps of Ireland without knowing differently, you would swear that these monolithic formations were manmade. The Giant Steps are the result of thousands of years of ocean waves slowly cutting into the rock. We may know this rationally, but seeing this wonder first hand will leave you thinking that maybe giants did actually walk the earth and this is one of the wonders they left behind before they disappeared.


6. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Breathtaking is truly the most accurate description ever accorded to Victoria Falls. These massive waterfalls have become one of the most iconic symbols of the beauty of Africa and have inspired poets and artists alike for thousands of years. While there are many waterfalls in the world, none of them have the stunning beauty or immensity as this natural wonder.


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