Top Ten Interesting Uses for Everyday Objects

There are tons of times every day when something pops up and we wonder to ourselves, “why hasn’t anyone invented a way to do this easier yet?” Being in the day and age of computers so small you can put them in your pocket that are more powerful than ones we had at our desks ten years ago, it seems silly that simple little daily annoyances have yet to be made simpler. Yet, in many cases, those bright enough to come up with simple ways to fix them have already done it, and have done so using every day household items. What follows are ten really simple ways to make your life easier or better and eliminate some of those daily annoyances by using things you already own.


10. Rubber Band Paint Can

Whenever you have to paint a room, there is always the worry of the mess you are about to make to do it. With hardwood floors there is so much worry of never seeing your deposit again that you might refrain from ever painting an ugly color off. As we all know, wiping the paintbrush on the sides of the can not only causes a mess on the can, but simply doesn’t work well enough that it seems worth it. This is where simple ingenuity comes in. Wrap a rubber band around the can, directly over the middle of the open mouth of the container. When pulling your brush out, wipe it across the rubber band. This keeps the mess off the sides and cuts down dramatically on spillage.


9. Straw Tab

Popping open a can of soda is a great way to refresh yourself and get that much needed caffeine jolt. But for those who want to keep potential messes to a minimum, or don’t want soda to get to their teeth, there is a simple solution for that roaming straw. Simply turn the tab around so its larger hole is now over the open mouth, and stick a straw through. The tab will keep the straw in place and is a near perfect size!


8. Velcro Remotes

Remote controls get lost easily, this we all know. It is subject to cheap jokes by standup comedians and has caused all of us many hours of dashing about in our living rooms, searching in couch cushions. If you have children or elderly living in your home, the chances of your remote control going for a jaunt to the freezer door is even a possibility on occasion. Yet, most of the time, the main reason remotes get lost is that there isn’t a good place to put them when you don’t need them that is still easily accessible. This is where Velcro strips come in. Should you happen to own a coffee table, simply Velcro one side to the side of the table facing your couch and the other to the back of the remote control. Now you have a place to put your controller that’s out of the way and doesn’t require you to go searching every half hour.


7. Trash Can Holes

Taking out the trash is one of those few jobs that is necessary and simple, yet no one wants to do it. Most of that trepidation comes from the fear of what will happen if the bag rips or doesn’t come out easily. For the latter issue, there is a simple solution that can help out immensely. By drilling two holes near the bottom of the can, you create an escape for the air that keeps it from vacuuming the bag down and forcing you to tug at the potential time bomb of trash bag handles in your hands.


6. Empty Space in Microwave

Have you ever cooked something in the microwave, say bagel pizzas, and noticed that the ones on the edge have barely melted cheese, while the one in the middle is fried beyond comprehension and is a mass of molten cheese and sauce lava? This situation, which plagues many a college dorm dweller, is an easy fix, provided you have a big enough microwave. By creating an empty space in the middle of the microwavable container, the remaining food will now cook evenly. This leads well into our next idea…


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