Top Ten Crazy Fears that Actually Have Names


5. Mother-in-law:

This seems like one that a lot of men might say they have. Pentheraphobia is the debilitating fear of your mother-in-law. This isn’t just feeling a little bit nervous when she drives up in front of your house or that sick feeling it happens in your stomach when you realize you have to go eat dinner with her. This is pure, trembling, terror. People with this fear don’t even want to hear her name much less be in the same room with her. If they are married, the idea of having a mother-in-law may be so frightening that they avoid getting into serious relationships or specifically look for a woman that doesn’t have a mother said they don’t have to face the possibility of meeting a mother-in-law.


4. Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of the Mouth

Have you ever been eating a peanut butter sandwich and stopped dead in your tracks, paralyzed with fear? If you have then you may be suffering from arachibutyrophobia. This is the pure handicapping fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Not the fear that you will choke, or that you’ve somehow developed a life-threatening allergy to peanut butter or white bread, but that all that yummy goodness will actually become adhered to the roof of your mouth. People with this fear avoid all types of peanut butter, including peanut butter in candies and even peanut butter flavored foods


3. Long Words:

Are you ready for some serious irony? There is actually a fear of hearing, reading, and especially speaking long words… It is called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. If you look really close at this word you’ll see that it’s made up of things like hippopotamus, monster, and squid. So perhaps people that fear long words think of them as some sort of monster hippopotamus giant squid type thing. Or maybe the person who named it just thought it would be funny to get the longest fear name ever to a phobia of long words.


2. Work:

This probably can’t be used as a valid means of filing for disability, but there really is a recognized fear of the work environment. Ergophobia is the fear of having to perform duties, be a part of a team, or work toward a common goal within a structured work environment. It is characterized by tremendous anxiety about having to actually enter a workplace environment, fear of speaking in front of groups, and particularly fear of socializing with co-workers.


1. Forests:

This may be one of those fears that was instilled in us by all of those fairy tales we heard as children. For people dealing with hylophobia, the idea of taking a leisurely stroll through the woods is enough to cause a full blown panic attack. The fear of forests is so prevalent that even driving past them is a horrifying experience that many sufferers simply can’t overcome.

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