Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters

We have discussed enough videogames. We have made a list out of old and new videogames by different consoles and therefore it’s about time to give it a different spin. I hereby bring you ten of the coolest video game characters in history. Now, it is not necessary that you agree with me. They are purely assembled here based on vote. I am sure you have played and heard of at least half of these characters. Let us know if we missed any of your favorite characters out. Let us know which one you do not agree with. The characters mentioned below are from the 80s, 90s and very early 2000. Enjoy the read!



Sephiroth - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
Sephiroth first appeared in Final Fantasy VII in 1997. Interestingly this guy is a villain. He had this long masamune sword, silver hair and a long black coat. This guy was absolutely epic. He is basically an experiment created with the DNA of Jenova, an alien. He is the leader of the elite Shin-ra forces. He plans to destroy the entire planet. When you finally face him in the game, he is nothing less than a God. You face him as a giant and an angel. Have you played Final Fantasy VII? How many of you are his fans? Let us know in the comments.



The Lemmings - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
The Lemmings first appeared in 1991 when Lemmings came out. It was pure innovation by DMA Design; they are now known as Rockstar North. They were absolute entertainment. You usually start with a battalion of ninety nine of these cute little things, and then you get them to do various tricks in order to save as many as possible. I remember playing this game when I was little; there was this one particular level where I just couldn’t save these things. Ah, poor guys would even kill their own kind for the others to break free. So cool!



Master Chief - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
This guy first appeared in Halo back in 2001 and I am sure you remember him. This guy has been dominating the world of consoles ever since his debut. His abilities are enhanced, thanks to the cybernetics, and he fights to save the world. I don’t think any of you have seen his actual face; well, that’s because they never intended to show it. You guys remember the battle rifle? He used it to do all his ‘liberation’ work. He never was a man to talk now was he?



Guybrush - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
I know this guy is a surprise. He appeared in The Secret of Monkey Island back in the year 1996. If you consider the point and click adventure games, this guy is probably the most lovable characters which is why he is listed here. He is really blundering, he is unable to speak in front of Elaine (his beloved), he is self-conscious and has no manner of grace whatsoever. That’s the reason why many fell in love with him since his debut. I am prepared to bet that most of you reading this article will not even be familiar with this guy.



Link - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
I am sure you are familiar with this guy. I have seen fights over ‘Link’ or ‘Mario’. Anyway, he appeared in the year 1986 with the release of ‘The Legend of Zelda’. He is one of the most popular console heroes to date. The inspiration of the game came from the childhood memories of Miyamoto. He doesn’t speak when he is little and then he grows into this mature man. He can tackle any challenge you throw his way. The game sold around 50 million copies worldwide. He is one of the most enduring heroes in the gaming world.



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