Top Ten Childhood Myths


5. Sleep isn’t Important

It is a well known fact that almost every child to ever grow up in this world has had a hatred for bedtime. Whether it is their fear of the dark or the fact the adults obviously will be doing something more interesting many children fight sleep. Children are excitable and curious about so many things and their brains are constantly learning and developing as new stimuli crosses their senses so it is no wonder that so many children fight sleep. When you add the abundance of sugar and caffeine in most children’s daily diet you get a kid who is even less willing to sleep. The good news is that children do eventually exhaust themselves; the bad news is that this war with bedtime is unlikely to end peacefully anytime soon.


4. School is harder than a real job

This next common childhood myth comes from the parental phrase “I wish I could just go to school instead of work”. While the truth is that school is much easier than most jobs, as children we have no ability to conceive that anything can be harder than school. During the average school day you have to sit still, try to pay attention to something that may or may not interest you, and then engage in repetitive tasks that are mind-numbingly boring. Given this experience, it’s understandable that a kid will think an adult is crazy for wanting anything to do with school.


3. Everyone else has better parents

Regardless of how awesome a parent is and how much attention they give their children there will be a time when that kid will think that they have the world’s worst parents. It can be a fight over chores, homework, or being told they can’t go play with their friend, but eventually something will happen that a kid will truly believe that everyone else has better parents. What’s funny is when you stop to think about it, most adults still feel that way too.


2. Cooties and Cootie spray

Cooties are perhaps the single most wide spread epidemic among school age children that suddenly is cued the moment they enter adolescence. Cooties was probably started by well meaning parents who didn’t want their children to get too involved with members of the opposite sex and grew from there. Everyone remembers the time in school when if a boy kissed a girl all the boys would scream “Girl Cooties” and then make spraying noises while they doused the victim of this horrible disease with cootie spray. While it has been called different things over the years it really comes down to kids having their very own wonderful world they live in.


1. I am smart enough to make my own decisions

The final entry on this list of childhood myths is one that every parent has had to deal with. While this particular myth seems more common among the angst-filled adolescent set, it’s not uncommon among children of all ages. Whether it is an argument about what to eat or about being allowed to stay out past curfew every child feels at one time or another they are smarter than their parents and know better than they do. This commonly believed myth is held on to quite tenaciously until the moment we hear ourselves saying the exact same thing to our kids that our parents said to us.

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