Top Ten Awesome Official Holidays



5. National Toasted Marshmallow Day – August 30

Toasted Marshmallows are a staple of every backyard and camping cookout during the summer, and on August 30th, they are celebrated for being just that. As the summer winds down and school season picks back up as we head toward the Fall, toasted marshmallows become increasingly less prevalent and for that reason, there is a day to celebrate them. With campers and cookouts nationwide, folks celebrate by toasting their favorite marshmallow concoction, and undoubtedly argue the merits of their chosen method, all for the good fun of gooey marshmallows.


4. Hug a Vegetarian Day – September 27

As Millennials have slowly taken over the world of food, culture and politics; stores and restaurants everywhere have started to come to the realization that Vegetarianism isn’t a fad that is going away. While this means that Vegetarians now have at least a couple items on most menus across the country, they have historically received more than their fair share of ridicule and scorn. In order to help soothe those hurt feelings, Hug a Vegetarian Day was invented for September 27th, forever reminding people to give their dietary restrictive friends a little love once in awhile, and maybe some hummus too.


3. International Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19

Much like Day of The Cowboy, International Talk Like a Pirate Day can seem awfully silly if you have absolutely no sense of fun. An article by Dave Barry in 2002 sparked a chain reaction based on his satirical suggestion that International Talk Like A Pirate Day be a national holiday that seemingly fulfilled his prophecy. With social media as the catalyst, people everywhere sport eye-patches and hooks and say ‘arr!’ a lot while enjoying the inherent silliness of a day to act like everyone’s favorite swashbucklers.


2. Mickey Mouse Day – November 18

Mickey Mouse has more appeal than just about any other character in the history of the world. Long after Walt Disney has passed, Mickey has lived on and has thrived; making him a cultural icon and one of the most instantly recognized symbols of Americana in the world. For this reason, on November 18th, Disney fans everywhere celebrate Mickey Mouse Day. This day is especially fun in election years, where historically Mickey Mouse receives a good portion of the vote by satirical voters in November elections. Mickey Mouse Day is celebrated as the birthday of Mickey Mouse and is a great way to celebrate the child in everyone.


1. National Chocolate-covered Anything Day – December 16

As we previously discussed, dessert is a reason for celebration all of its own, but National Chocolate-covered Anything Day takes that to a whole other level. While not certified by any branch of government, nationwide stores and citizens celebrate this day by covering a wide range of foods in chocolate and gorging on their favorite treat. From frozen chocolate covered bananas to chocolate beer, this is a day to celebrate the world’s greatest invention: chocolate.

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