Top Ten Awesome Official Holidays

Holidays can be a drag when they involve family members you don’t want to spend time with, parties you will have to throw and clean up after and dinners to make and prepare. Yet, while the major holidays tend to have these stressors, there are a few that still maintain that sense of celebration that holidays were intended to have. What follows are ten holidays that, while they might seem odd or silly at first glance, still maintain that sense of fun that makes holidays worth it, with almost none of that messy stress.


10. J.R.R. Tolkein Day – January 3

J.R.R. Tolkein is one of the most celebrated authors in modern literature and his influence on generations of writers is obvious. His work on The Lord Of The Rings series alone has made him a cultural icon to millions and his work has been immortalized in film and song in the years since he wrote them. Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that his fans, innumerable as they are, have a day dedicated to celebrating him and his work. January 3rd at 9:00 PM fans of Tolkein raise a glass in tribute to the man on in celebration of the day of his birth and toast him.


9. Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day – February 7

Neighbors can be funny fellows that we avoid like they have a plague, or friendly acquaintances that we share best recipes and grilling tips with along with the entire town’s gossip. This in mind, a day has been designed to bring you closer to those that you know and possibly terrify those you don’t in a day of waving all your fingers at your neighbor. On February 7th, brave denizens of towns nationwide will go and sport a friendly, albeit odd, wave and hopefully will see a returned entire handful of fingers wave and not just the one finger salute.


8. Make Up Your Own Holiday – March 26

While some of these days seem awfully suspicious in the ‘realistic’ category, there actually is a day for all the crazy ideas individuals have for a holiday. On March 26th, people are encouraged to go out and celebrate… well, anything! Topics range from Middle Toe Day to The Leaf That Fell On The Brim Of My Hat Day and more. Whatever your mind decides it wants to celebrate, March 26 is the day to declare it official. No word on how well National Skipping Work Day goes over with bosses, however, so while it may be fun, remember that you may be the only one celebrating it.


7. Fudge Day – June 16

Just about everyone loves fudge. It’s really hard not to, with its creamy texture, malleable ingredient list to spice the taste up and the open availability of it being at any supermarket. A delicious treat that anyone can see the upside to deserves its own day, apparently. On June 16th, fudge lovers everywhere will celebrate Fudge Day, a day to celebrate their love of the sugary treat. Since the invention of fudge only dates to the late 19th century, revelers contend that it’s still relatively so new that it simply must be celebrated, and when fudge is involved, who’s to argue?


6. National Day of the Cowboy – Fourth Saturday in July

Grown up people like to play dress up too and never is that more evident than at National Day of the Cowboy celebrations every July. Sponsored in the US Senate by a Wyoming senator in 2005, this day is designed to celebrate the culture of The Cowboy and Cowgirl and give America one of its unique cultural historical icons a day of celebration. While it may seem silly for adults to dress up like the Lone Ranger, it is not uncommon, and in fact somewhat expected, for people celebrating events to be dressed like a Cowboy or someone from that era.


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