Top 10 Super Powers




Telepathy - Top Ten Super Powers
Telepathy is the ability that is supposed to let you transmit information from one person to another without the use of any physical interaction or tools. Using this ability you could actually read a person’s mind and know exactly what they are thinking. Imagine yourself on a date. The practicality of this particular ability on a date is limitless. You would never get into any fights by just giving the person what he wants. You will never have to lie again. As much as this sounds enticing, the ability still doesn’t take the first position on my list.



Memory Manipulation - Top Ten Super Powers
Who is the first person that comes to your mind when the term ‘memory manipulation’ is mentioned? In my head the first person to come is Professor Charles Xavier from X-men. If you have seen the movie or read the comics, you know exactly how this ability works. You can make a person forget you, mess with their will, think whatever you want and then you can rearrange the memories, you can make a person forget his identity and become an absolutely different person. You can make a person do whatever you want. Everyone will be a potential servant to you.



Shape Shift - Top Ten Super Powers
Metamorphosis is an ability I would really like to have. It takes the third spot on this list. Imagine you could transform yourself into any object or a person. You could destroy countries, you could make peace, you could travel the world, and you could practically do anything you wish for. You could pretend to be someone you are not and fool around with people. You could even use this ability as a tool to blackmail; the possibilities are endless. One thing you need to know is that I am giving the negative and positive aspects to a particular ability. By no means do I mean for you to choose the negative aspect of it. Think positive and do positive.



Flight - Top Ten Super Powers
The ability of flight has remained a man’s dream ever since he first saw birds in the sky. The closest you could possibly get to flying is perhaps paragliding and the likes. But that is not real flying now is it? Imagine if you could fly like Superman or better yet, Hancock. Won’t that be so completely awesome? It is a million times better than you being able to run with the speed of light and it is so much more ‘graceful’ and impressive. Oh the things you could do if you could fly.



Telekinesis - Top Ten Super Powers
Telekinesis is what makes it to the top of my list. This is the ability that I would like to have if I were to choose just one from this particular list. Using this ability, you can move objects with your mind and do absolutely anything with them. Remember Gene from X-men? She takes this ability to a whole new level, now that is something really impressive. The whole concept is so cool and I can’t even begin to describe the applications of this superpower; mind blowing!

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