Top 10 Super Powers

One of the most common questions I pose the people I meet is regarding the top three superpowers they would like to have. It gives you a good insight into how a person thinks especially if you combine ‘why’ with ‘what’. You can better judge people with just these two questions; try it sometime. This particular list talks about the top ten superpowers that I would like to have. What about you? What superpowers will you prefer? It is not necessary for those to be from within this list, if you have any in your head that haven’t been mentioned here, feel free to let us know. Enjoy the read!



Speed - Top Ten Super Powers
What if you could run with the speed of light? Before you start imagining, let me remind you that the speed of light is 300,000,000 meters per second. Going from one place to another will not be a problem. Oh, let me add something to it. You can run all you want but you will never get tired; point being that you can keep on running for as long as you want. You could travel the world in a matter of minutes. That is something wishful isn’t it? Speed however is not the ultimate superpower. Read on to know about some more interesting superhuman abilities.



Elasticity - Top Ten Super Powers
Remember Mr. Fantastic? I personally am not a big fan of this ability but if you had it, you could practically fit into anything and literally mold yourself according to a given situation. Opening doors should not be a problem or reaching over tall buildings will be a piece of cake. The interesting bit is that you probably will not feel any pain if you are hit because of the elasticity and you will be able to shrink wrap yourself around a person rendering him completely immobile although, I wouldn’t recommend that.



Superhuman Reflexes - Top Ten Super Powers
This is one ability that could come in handy in absolutely any sport you play. You could save a lot of things from dropping. You will have excellent hand-eye coordination making you a fantastic ball player. You could dodge absolutely anything that comes your way in a fight and maneuver around it with a comeback of your own. Of course these are just my opinions. Can you think of anything better to do with your superhuman reflexes? If so, do let us know in the comments below.



Regeneration - Top Ten Super Powers
Remember wolverine from x-men? He was by far my favorite character. He was practically invulnerable but his greatest strength lied in the quick healing. With this ability at hand you could actually deal with absolutely any torture or harm that might befall you. Actually, I remember a scene where he puts out a cigar on his hand; that was particularly impressive. With this ability you could actually win the ultimate fighting championship with a scar on your body. You will be immune to any gunfire, sword slashes and random injuries.



Invisibility - Top Ten Super Powers
Now this is one ability that is on the mind of every other person I have met. But it still makes number six on my list. You could accomplish absolutely anything you want if you have the power of invisibility and it is up to you whether you use it positively or negatively. Well, you could even use it to accomplish some of your dirty ideas if you know what I mean. Oh, on a positive side, you could actually help win wars with this ability at hand. Imagine, no one can see you no matter what you do, isn’t that a dream come true? I know for most it is.


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