10 Tantalizing Top Gun Facts

5 . Goose with an iron stomach

Anthony Edwards is the only Top Gun actor who did not vomit due to conditions in the fighter jets during the filming of the movie. Edwards went on to star in ‘E R’, alongside ‘Top Gun’ colleagues Michael Ironside and Rick Rossovich.


4. P laying With The Boys

The semi-naked locker room and volleyball scenes in which Maverick and his colleagues indulge in a spot of gratuitous male bonding were added later in order for Tom Cruise to bare some flesh for female fans and work a little harder for his $ 1 million fee. However, for many fans, these scenes are taken as evidence of a strange underlying tension between Ice Man and Maverick , which is further implied by the song which accompanies the volleyball scene: ‘Playing With The Boys’ by Kenny Loggins!


3. Top Recruitment Movie

The US Navy capitalized on the movie’s success by setting up recruitment boots outside movie theatres so that over-enthusiastic testosterone-charged males heading home after watching it could sign up for a career in the service. Record recruitment figures were subsequently reported. ‘Top Gun’ executives also offered to run a short recruitment advert at the beginning of the movie in order to offset debts incurred to the US Navy for their help during filming but the Navy refused since they had already been gifted what amounted to a feature length recruitment film!


2.  Director in Ejector Seat!

Director Tony Scott was officially fired three times during the filming of ‘Top Gun’ and the movie ran terribly over budget and time constraints. Scott reportedly had several serious confrontations with producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer and wrote a personal cheque for $25 000 on the spot so that the aircraft carrier U.S Enterprise could be turned around completely by its captain in order to film an external sunset shot!


1 . Tribute to a true Top Gun

The movie is dedicated to Art Scholl, the excellent aerobatic pilot who was tragically killed during production as his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean after failing to recover from a flat spin manoeuvre. Both the aircraft and Scholl were never recovered after the accident which occurred on September 16th 1985.

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