10 Tantalizing Top Gun Facts

Although ‘ Top Gun’ was released back in 1986 it has become one of the definitive movies of the era and its all-star cast, superb soundtrack and all-action plotline have inspired countless males to slick back their hair, don aviators and slip into Top Gun costumes whilst serenading legions of ladies in voluminous blonde 80s glamour wigs at fancy dress parties up and down the country! The movie concerns the personal journey of troubled pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell (played by Tom Cruise) as he overcomes his internal demons to complete training as a naval fighter pilot. Along the way, he loses a friend in a terrible mid-air accident, learns the truth about the mysterious death of his fighter pilot father, takes a snapshot of an enemy pilot whilst upside down in his own jet, and falls in love with civilian instructor Charlie Blackwood (played by Kelly McGillis). With countless cool characters such as Goose, Maverick, Ice Man, Hollywood, Stinger and Viper, ‘Top Gun’ propane-fuelled the fantasies of millions of teenagers in the 80s and continues to entertain new generations of fans today. Here follow ten tantalizing Top Gun facts that will send you on a fantastic flight on the ‘highway to the danger zone’!


  10. Top Gun 3D

‘Top Gun’ is set to hit cinema screens again in 2012 in a 3D conversion by Legend 3D, subject to the approval of director Tony Scott. Legend 3D CEO Rob Hummel premiered a 4-minute preview of the converted ‘Danger Zone’ flight sequence in 2011 at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam and justified the new version by stating that the aerial flight sequences will look spectacular.


9. The Ice Man Cometh

Val Kilmer, who played Maverick’s rival Ice Man, did not want to be a part of ‘Top Gun’ but was forced into his now-famous role by binding contractual obligations. However, perhaps not unsurprisingly due to the film’s phenomenal commercial success, he has recently stated that he would be keen to reprise his role in a sequel.


8. Only The Strong Refuse!

Rocker Bryan Adams, a staunch pacifist and vegetarian, refused a request to use his song ‘Only The Strong Survive’ from his 1987 album ‘Into The Fire’ for the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack because he felt that the movie glorified warfare. However, he clearly has nothing against medieval brigands; as evidenced by his power ballad ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’ which featured on the soundtrack for ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ and spent 16 long weeks at Number One in the UK charts in 1991!


7. Love By Public Demand!

The steamy love scene between Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise was only included after audiences at test screenings complained about a lack of romantic action. However, Kelly McGillis had already tinted her hair to a darker shade in preparation for her next movie; hence the heavy blue shadows in the scene. Tom Cruise’s hair is also noticeable longer during this scene and McGillis also hides her dark hair under a hat during the scene where she is in an elevator.


6. C onvincing Jester

Canadian actor Michael Ironside, who played Jester in the movie, had serious doubts over whether he could play a convincing officer but was emboldened after a genuine Navy pilot approached him and mistook him for one during filming! His most famous line in the movie is arguably ‘That was some of the best flying I’ve seen yet…right up until the point you got killed’.

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