Top 10 Gardens in the World




Jardim - Top Ten Gardens in the World
This garden is located in the biggest city of Southern Brazil, Parana. A part of the University of Parana’s campus is housed by the garden. It opened up in the year 1991. The gardens mimic the style of French gardens. The main greenhouse spans across an area of 458 meters. The garden covers a total area of around 240 square meters. There is also a Botanic Museum which serves as a reference to the different collection of flora. It attracts researchers from all around the world and contains many species from the Atlantic Forests of Brazil.



Versailles - Top Ten Gardens in the World
I am sure there is no need to introduce this particular place in France. This is perhaps the most famous garden in the entire world. The garden was designed for Louis XIV. It was designed for him by Andre Le Notre. You will see countless flowerbeds, the Orangerie, the fountains and a Canal. A lot of earth had to be shifted to make room for these particular amenities. Wheelbarrows were used to transport earth by thousands of men. It was a lot of work but it was definitely worth it.



Nong - Top Ten Gardens in the World
The Suan Nong Nooch can be found in Pattaya, Thailand. It offers amazing landscapes and stunning views. It is nothing short of a garden in some grand fairy-tale. You will see a lot of houses built in a traditional Thai style, villas, halls and restaurants, even swimming pools. A large land of around 600 acres was bought by Mr. Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch in the year 1954. It was predicted that it will be a site for fruit plantation but they sure proved it wrong. It is a tropical garden of ornamental plants and flowers.



A lot of floral displays in countless varieties can be found in Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands. It is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations in The Netherlands. It is home to around 7 million tulips and that includes rare hybrids and that have specially been developed. It also features the Russian black tulip Baba Yaga, and that is the pride of the entire garden.



The Garden of Cosmic Speculation - Top Ten Gardens in the World
The garden of cosmic speculation is in Scotland. Interestingly enough, the garden is inspired from science and math. Now, I don’t know how that happened but that is the popular belief. It was set by Charles Jencks with his wife Maggie Keswick. It is located near Dumfries. The garden was set up in 1989. The mere design of the garden makes you wonder. It is actually really interesting, I have no clue how Mr. Jencks and his wife actually came up with this idea. Oh, but this settles the dispute, math and science can actually be used for something as beautiful as this place.

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