Top 10 Attractions in London




Trafalgar Square - Top Ten Attractions in London
Admiral Lord Nelson’s statue is built on a 167 feet tower at the Trafalgar Square. It commemorates the naval victory in the year 1805. It was laid out in 1830 and since then has been a very popular site for political rallies. There used to be a lot of pigeons in this area, but due to health regulations, the pigeon food sellers were banned. The pigeons still visit the site so don’t worry, you can still take pictures with a thousand of them altogether. There have been concerts and many New Year celebrations around this spot. It’s definitely worth a visit.



London Eye - Top Ten Attractions in London
You can find this huge Ferris Wheel at the bank of River Thomas near Waterloo. It is a giant wheel and is referred to as the ‘London Eye’. Take a ride on this and you can literally see the entire city and it is also the biggest observation wheel in the world. The entire round of the circle takes at least 30 minutes (you can imagine). It was 2,100 tons and the tower is 135 meters high. If the skies are clear enough, you should be able to get a 25 mile panoramic view of the city. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are very near to this wheel.



Buckhingam Palace - Top Ten Attractions in London
There is no way you guys haven’t heard of this one. It is also referred to as the ‘Buck House’. As soon as Queen Victoria came into power, this place has served as a permanent residence to the monarchy of England. It all began in 1702 and the first one to reside there was Due of Buckingham city. It was built on the site of a brothel. The building that you see was refurbished by Nash somewhere in the 1820s. Later in the year 1913, the building was again given shape. It happens to be the largest private residence in the world, and also one of the most beautiful castles.



Tower Bridge - Top Ten Attractions in London
This structure a little over a hundred years old and it has twin drawbridges. Each of those weight around 1,000 tons and have been raised for letting ships through like half a million times. These drawbridges can be raised in ninety seconds using electronic motors. You can see the HMS Belfast. It is 11,500 ton cruiser, the very same cruiser that opened fire on Normandy coast. You can visit the bridge anytime you want really. It is one of the most popular bridges in the entire world and quite a common spot for tourists.



The Houses of Parliament - Top Ten Attractions in London
This where all the debates take place regarding the laws that govern the British way of life. There was a fire which destroyed the building before it and so this building started functioning in 1840. The building was designed by Sir Charles Barry and he was helped by A.W. Pugin. If you visit this place in the summers, please be warned that it gets really crowded. Tours to this place run from Monday to Saturday and one tour takes like 75 minutes. You will also get to see the Big Ben here that strikes every quarter of an hour.

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