Top 4 Symbian 3 Smart Phones

Have you been looking for a phone that has it all? Are you in search of such a device that has a combination of internet, pictures, videos, music, social networking and much more, all rolled into one? Then the new Symbian Smart Phones are for you. They have what it takes to have whatever you need, packed into one mobile phone. Ever thought that you could carry all your electronics in your hand? Well with the advancement in today’s technology, this is now all possible. These smart phones are the next big thing, and have the best in the market.


Nokia E7

The Nokia Nokia E7 comes with some pretty outstanding features to be seen in a smart phone. It has an 8 mp camera, a flawless internet connection, an mp3 player for the latest tunes to listen to, and other cool features as well. The phone itself is a combination of a screen and a slide. The screen is touch and works well in interaction. The slide comes out in a keyboard for typing messages and commands, for those not comfortable enough for doing these things in the touch screen. Send emails, messages, and pictures to all your friends and family in mere seconds with this model. With a 4” display, the Nokia E7 is worth checking out.

In conclusion, although there are a variety of smart phones in the market, Nokia, with its impeccable reputation and amazing specifications, takes the cake for having the best Symbian Smart Phone, with Nokia N8.


Nokia C6-01

The new Nokia C6-01 has features that are bound to impress any buyer looking for a Symbian Smart Phone. It has a very condensed design which makes it easy to simply slip it even in the smallest of pockets or your handbag. It has a 3.20 inch capacitive touch screen in AMOLED clear black, stainless shiny steel cover, and an enhanced sense of outdoor visibility. So at times when you move into sunny areas, you will still be able to clearly read your phone screen due to improved features. Nokia C6-01 is equipped with a stunning 8 mega pixel camera with extremely vivid colours for enhanced photography as well as a double LED flash. You can capture up to 730 pixel high resolution pictures and videos and have the time of your life, playing with the incredible features. Additional features include Bluetooth, music player, flash lite 4.0, JAVA and much more.


Nokia C7

When it comes to multimedia and digital enhancement as well as connectivity, the Nokia C7 is an excellent choice. It has qualities that are not worth missing out on. it has the extremely potent Symbian^ 3 OS and a 690 MHz processor as well as enhanced graphics for all the gaming fans out there. With it its funky coloured options now available in the market, you can make your own statement with frosty metal, charcoal black and mahogany brown. The phone weighs only about 135 grams and comes with a spectacular display of 3.6 inches of AMOLED clear capacitive touch screen. With 16 million colours available for display, the Nokia C7 has a flawless display that performs efficiently. Its glass display also comes with the additional feature of being scratch resistant which is of course a benefit. Entertainment features include an mp3 player, FM radio, 3D games, and lots more.


Nokia N8

The latest addition to the popular N series came out around September 2010, known as N8. Being one of the most impressive smart phones on the market right now, the  N8 by Nokia comes with a whopping 12 mega pixel camera that makes it equal to taking pictures from a digital camera. With a single tap option, the phone also has a spectacular touch screen that is worth checking out. It comes in a variety of colours such as orange, white, green, silver, dark grey, and blue; and weighs around 130 grams. The aluminium body makes it touch and durable and less prone to damage. Connectivity ensures you are updated 24/7 to your favourite social networking websites and with a 16:9 aspect ratio, mp3 player with a killer surround audio, stereo FM radio for tuning into your favourite stations, to name just a few features the Nokia N8 has it all.

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