Top 10 Weird Animal Relationships



5. Kitten and Crow

The majority of kittens don’t like making friends with any animals besides their mothers. But this wasn’t the case with a cat named Cassie. She was an abandoned kitty who was literally taken under the wing by a wild crow named Moses. Now if you don’t know, cats tend to chase and eat birds- but that wasn’t the case here. Moses helped the kitten by keeping her out of the road and even going as far as feeding her.


4. Dog and Lion Cubs

A tiger was too sick to take care of her baby cubs. As a result, a new surrogate mother- a dog- took over and begun taking care of them. The bizarre family lived in China’s Nanning Zoo and you can see from the picture that they are breast feeding on the dog. And the part that’s even stranger is that this isn’t something unusual in the animal kingdom of China. According to experts, it is not uncommon for abandoned animals to latch on to a surrogate mother when their own species has estranged them. Either way, this is a beautiful story and an utterly strange animal relationship.


3. Lioness and Oryx

The Lioness in this picture had not had her own cub when she decided to adopt a baby Oryx. Despite what you might want to believe, this was the third time that she had done this. Her name is Larsens and she had lost her first adopted baby to a lion while the second was lost by a park warden (because it was not taking her milk). And on her third attempt, she managed to successfully take care of the baby Oryx for quite some time.


2. Dog and Baby Chimp

It isn’t every day that a dog takes on the responsibility of raising a baby chimp. However, this is exactly what a dog did at the Twycross Zoo in Birmingham. The dog’s name was Bugsy and it was a bulldog. Despite what others believed, it took on the guardianship of a baby chimp named Kia, who was about 30 pounds. They kissed frequently so it is safe to assume that their relationship was on solid grounds.


1. Orangutan and Tiger

While we don’t have a lot of information on this story, it is safe to say that this is one of the stranger animal relationships on the list. After all, tigers are supposed to eat orangutans, right? Well, that isn’t what happened here when the 26-day old Sumatran Tiger named Dema cuddled up with the 5-month old female Orangutan named Irma. This occurred at the “Taman Safari Indonesia” Animal Hospital in Indonesia and it was definitely a sight to see.

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