Top 10 Weird Animal Relationships

Animals, like humans, are known to get into weird relationships that are surprising to the world. But unlike humans, most of these animals don’t have anything in common and some of them are even prey to one another. Below, we are going to dwell into this fascinating world and talk about the top 10 weird animal relationships.


10. Snake and Hamster

At a zoo in Japan, there lies a very unlikely relationship between a hamster and a rat snake. This bond occurred when the hamster was placed into the snake’s cage for feeding. But there was only one problem: the snake refused to eat it. In the end, both of these animals ended up becoming roommates and the hamster even went as far as to curl up aside the snake as it slept.


9. Dog and Elephant

At an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, all kinds of elephants roam around in pairs and mind their business for the most part. One day, a stray dog named Bella wondered into the sanctuary and instantly became friends with Tarra. These two creatures were inseparable. They would sleep together as well as eat and play together. But the true extent of their relationship happened when Bella became injured and immobilized and Tarra sat in the corner of the sanctuary, sad. Eventually, the owners had to carry the dog out to see her friend.


8. Hippo and Tortoise

Among all of the unlikely relationships to show up on this list, this one probably is one of the weirder ones. In 2004, these two animals made headlines as they paired up after an Ocean earthquake in the Indian Ocean. The tsunami orphaned the baby hippo named Owen and it immediately became paired up with the 130 year old tortoise. To two even went on to have their own website.


7. Orangutan and Dog

Primates tend to be quite defensive and most of them will never become friends with animals outside of their species. Heck, most of them have trouble developing relationships with themselves. But when a stray dog named Roscoe rolled around, the orangutan immediately became hooked. They became longtime friends and the two have maintained a solid connection ever since.


6. Puppy and Chicken

Another unlikely relationship that one could never see coming is that between a puppy and a chicken. Yet, that is exactly what happened in this story that immediately took headlines on the Internet when it happened. You can even watch a video that shows the baby chicken hopping around as it jumps back forth over the puppy and trying to nudge its way in for a cuddle.


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