Top 10 Ways to Train Your Dog

Most can agree that they are probably as many methods for training dogs as there are dog owners. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Training a dog is very crucial to their overall development and it will make them much better-rounded. But remember that training a dog isn’t going to happen overnight. To achieve the desirable traits that you’re searching for, you’ll need to persist. Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to train your dog.


10. Persistence and Patience

Above anything, you should be patient and you should persist when teaching your dog new tricks or commands. As we previously mentioned, dog training will take some time. As smart as they are, dogs can only learn so much within any given amount of time. As an owner, be patient with their progress and continue to persist in your teachings.


9. Be the “Pack Leader”

Dogs are pack animals and knowing this will provide you with a huge advantage when training your pet. Basically, you need to let your dog know that you are the Alpha Dog. Encourage them to lick the backs of your hands and continuously rub their bellies. Whenever a dog reveals their belly, it means that they are submitting to you. Being the pack leader will ultimately make dog training sessions much more effective and less of a hassle.


8. Expect Mistakes and Fix Them

Remember that dogs are a lot like humans- they make mistakes. Knowing this, you cannot expect them to perfect a technique or command the first time around. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t expect them to catch on in the first few tries. Instead of getting frustrated that your dog isn’t catching on, simply correct them while the mistake is happening. With dogs, fixing a mistake later is considered too late.


7. Reward Positive Behaviors

Almost every single animal on this planet works under the same principle: in order to continue receiving good things, you need to continue acting a certain way. The same concept holds true for dogs. Whenever they do something that is good, you should reward them. This will reinforce that positive behavior and cause them to continue acting that way. Eventually, they will start acting that way without requiring an award.


6. Keep Training Sessions Short

Dogs have very short attention spans. If you try to take them on a two-hour training sessions, chances are good that they won’t learn much. For most dogs, 15-minutes to half an hour is usually enough to learn a command. In general, you should be doing several short sessions instead of one large one. Spread out these short sessions throughout the day or week and try to avoid marathon sessions. This will ultimately allow them to absorb more information and remember more commands.

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  1. Hey there,
    My dog is a greyhound border collie mix and he learned to play dead in 5 mins! He already knew all of the basic commands so it wasn’t hard to teach him. He has a lot of fun doing it but if we make the training sessions too long he gets frustrated and then everything goes downhill from there, so we have taught him to learn tricks pretty fast.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Read it!

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