Top 10 Ways To Save Money

These are turbulent times for the old dollars and cents, and as they become increasingly tricky to get hold of it is important that we maximize the amount stocked for later use. Every little does indeed help and the following methods could help you cut unnecessary cost and save money for the important things in life.


10. Quit Your Vices

Most if not all vices, whether it be smoking, drinking or even gambling usually involve spending a lot of money. Quitting or even just cutting down on them is something you could consider if your bank account has hit desolate times. There is a lot of help available for the likes of canning cigarettes and beer, the latter of which is definitely more fun in healthy moderation. Even on week to week basis the savings you will make will be un-avoidable.


9. Sell Your Unused Belongings

Everyone’s got that mountain bike or set of golf clubs that they realistically know they will never put to good use; why not sell such possessions to generate an extra bit of capital? It can be hard to part with some things yes, especially if they were gifts- but I find using the cash for something worthwhile tends to justify it.


8. Switch to a Pay as you Go Mobile Service

Contract cell-phones usually result in you paying more for perks you don’t need/use. Switching to a Pay & Go service enables you to commit money towards your phone as and when you need to. Not only can you adjust the amount you are spending to reflect your income that week/month but you aren’t tied into a contract of any kind, which is always nice.


7. When You Travel, Break Down the Cost

Travelling around a lot can put a huge dent in your funds, whether it is for business or pleasure- the price of planes, trains and even taxicabs is constantly on the rise. One way to reduce expenditure in this department would be to break your overall journey into several smaller ones. Research into the different ways to get to your destination can help break down the cost, as well as booking your journey in advance.


6. Check Whether You Eligible For Any Benfits

The claiming of welfare payments and the like is becoming more and more acceptable as a means for supplementing a budget- especially for young families. If you are struggling with the bills then why not get in touch with your local council department to see whether you are eligible for help. Though having a reputation for being abused, there is no shame in this option if you are in genuine need. After all, the original reason for the Welfare department being established in the first place was to lend a helping hand to those struggling with income.


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