Top 10 Ways to Meet New People

Meeting new people can be a challenge for certain individuals. It can also pose a problem for people who have moved to a new city and don’t know anyone. But the truth is that meeting people is relatively simple and fun. Below, we are going to share the top 10 ways to meet new people and make more friends.


10. Join a Gym

This is a great opportunity to get to know people, especially if you choose to join a class. As the work out intensifies, everyone in the room is releasing endorphins and by the very end, almost everyone will be craving some water or juice and perhaps a healthy snack. Why not take advantage of that time to strike up a conversation?


9. Get a Social Hobby

Dancing, Scrapbooking, Golfing, Tennis, etc. – All of these are fantastic hobbies that often support social interaction. You could join a group doing these activities or take a class, either way you will be around people doing something similar, so you will have an instant conversation-starter.


8. Learn a New Skill

Poke around your local community school or YMCA and see if any classes are available to learn a new skill. It could be something useful for your job like a computer class or something completely unrelated like basket weaving. Either way, make sure it is something with a possible social outlet.


7. Volunteer

There is no doubt a need somewhere in your town that you would fill wonderfully. Find out what it is and go for it! If you are passionate about it, you’ll encounter others with similar interests and you will have the opportunity to build some pretty solid relationships.


6. Hang Out After Work

One of the easiest ways to make friends is to start with the people immediately around you. Ask a co-worker or two to go to dinner after work. Perhaps suggest it as a reward on a pay-day or to celebrate a big deal. That excuse won’t sound as awkward as “Um, I’ve got no friends here… you want to hang out?”

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