Top 10 Ways The World May End

5. Global War

We humans have always been partial to a bit of war, that’s no secret. However many feel we have now reached a point in our existence where we are simply just too good at killing each other. These people, moral humans I believe they’re called, feel that if another large scale World War were to kick off, it’d be the end of society as we know it, if not humanity as a whole. If we take into account how the last war of this kind ended, then consider that the US and Russia together possess in excess of 20,000 bombs of this kind, you can kind of see their point.


4. Robot Revolution

Robots are getting gradually smarter; some theorize that the next logical step for development in this field is to create machines with humanlike intelligence and even eventually consciousness. This could apparently go any of two ways, either we co-exist with the robots learning from each other etc etc OR (if they turn out to be anything like those who created them) they’ll overthrow us and take the planet for themselves. Trippy thought.


3. Alien Invasion

Perhaps the most exciting possibility on my list, humans have been romanticising with such ideas for god knows how long. Interpreted by a never ending list of novelists, playwrights, comic artists and filmmakers over the years, an alien invasion may be just what the world needs to fulfil John Lennon’s vision of all just getting along.


2. Ice Age

Whereas a solar flare (which regrettably, did not make it onto this list) would cause us all to perish in the fire, the opposite would be for the sun to recede from us- plunging the Earth in yet another Ice Age. Scientists believe the Earth has gone through a number of eras like this over the years, the most recent we emerged from around 10,000 years ago. I can hardly bare a few either side of freezing, never mind the kind of temperatures that could fossilise me in an instant. I hope this isn’t how it ends.


1. Mass Insanity

It is currently estimated by the World Health Organisation that some 500 million people in the world suffer from some kind of psychological disorder. Despite this being the age of uttermost comfort and ease for the majority of humankind, depression is at its highest level ever- people seem to be out of tune with their real cause in life, and its making them very unhappy. Some say that by 2020 depression will be the second most common cause of death for our kind, with modern problems having an immense effect on our primitive wiring.

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