Top 10 UFO Sightings

5. Sao Paulo – 1986

Following the radar detection of some 20 UFO’s above various parts of Sao Paolo, Brazil- a number of military aircraft were sent to intercept/investigate the phenomenon. Upon arrival of the aircraft however- the UFO’s were reported to have quickly disappeared, both from sight and radar. Later theories popularize the idea that what the radars detected was mere debris sprung from the Soviet space station Salyut-7 upon its re-entrance of the Earth’s atmosphere above Brazil.


4. Belgium Wave – 1989/90

Occurring between November 1989 and April 1990, some 143 witness accounts were collected on the first night alone of a series of sightings. One again tracked by radar, this time by the Belgian Air Force- the objects were described as large black triangles possessing bright lights that would frequently change color. Despite a large investigation at the time, the Belgian authorities are yet to reach a definite conclusion in relation to the case.


3. Shag Harbor – 1967

The sleepy little fishing town of Shag Harbor, situated on Canada’s Atlantic coast- more specifically in Nova Scotia, became the scene of a rather notorious UFO sighting case when, in the October of 1967, a number of local residents reported bizarre activity unfolding in the skies above them. Multiple witnesses are reported to have not only seen a low-flying brightly lit object cruising towards the harbor-  but to have also heard the unusual whistling ‘bomb-like’ sound it made as it did so. Though crashing into the town’s intimate harbor, nothing in the way of a wreckage was ever recovered- prompting the Canadian Government to file the report as an official UFO sighting.


2. Westall Encounter – 1966

Though not a widely known case of a UFO encounter, the events that occurred on the 6th of April 1966 at Westall High School in Melbourne, Australia are still worth familiarizing yourself with. At around 11am, some 200 students as well as numerous members of the school’s faculty watched in a mixture of amazement and disbelief as an un-recognizable craft descended calmly onto the adjacent playing fields before taking off again and zooming away across the cities suburbs and out of their sight. Though since dismissed as being a mere military experiment, many of those in attendance on the day still regroup for reunions at the site.


1. Roswell – 1947

Arguably the most famous of them all, Roswell, New Mexico remains to this day as an area of pilgrimage for extra-terrestrial enthusiasts. In the summer of 1947 several military personnel based in the Roswell region are reported to have recovered debris from a ‘downed UFO’ at a nearby ranch. Although initially adhering to media speculation in early reports, the military soon dismissed the wreckage recovered as being a piece of surveillance equipment being used as part of classified operations in the area. Despite this supposed explanation however, conspiracies still shroud the event today- with many speculating that actual alien beings, as well as their craft- were taken into the custody of the military that night.

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