Top 10 UFO Sightings

I often think it to be characteristically arrogant for human beings to be settled with the opinion that we may be alone in the Universe. Given the endless tapestry of planets, stars, galaxies and moons set around our miniscule planet- it is 100 per cent more logical to assume the existence of alien life-forms than it is to revoke it through faith, fear or whatever other circumstances. I realize their seeming unwillingness to stage an official meeting with us is doing them no favors in this respect, however there are thousands of people who claim to have witnessed, at some point or another, Alien activity- namely the sighting of Un-identified Flying Objects (UFO’s).


10. Washington D.C. – 1952

First detected via radar in the Capital, a reported 7 UFO’s were sighted on consecutive weekends over D.C, captured in all their sinister glory in several photographs during this time- the crafts were seen flying in very untypical formation, leading to speculation that an invasion was imminent.


9. Rendlesham Forest – 1980

Situated in the Southern English county of Suffolk, Rendlesham Forest became the centre of a media frenzy in 1980 following the sighting of several UFO’s in the form of huge and largely un-accounted light beams. Though the details are scarce, the fact that the sighting was reported by several on duty servicemen from the nearby Air Force base gives it a measure of credibility.


8. Los Angeles – 1942

In an occurrence which remains unknown even to this day, a UFO was spotted over Hollywood just several months after the Japanese attacks at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Believed initially to be the beginning of another attack, the craft was opened upon by anti-aircraft defences in the city- only to disappear soon after.


7. Turkey – 2008

In 2008 a guard at the Yenikent Compound just miles west of the Turkish capital Ankara, reported a series of UFO sightings alleged to have occurred over a period of several months. The man’s reports were backed up both by other willing witnesses and by the series of videotapes he gathered of the various sightings. Once submitted to the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Centre, the footage was said to be the ‘most important images of a UFO ever filmed.


6. London – 2011

In the summer of 2011 a particularly interesting video emerged online depicted several distant UFO’s whizzing about just above the clouds over central London in broad daylight. The footage can still be tracked down online, as a result I urge you to find it and watch for yourself, as its certainly more engaging than any explanation I could attempt to fathom.

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