Top 10 UFC Fighters of All Time

From traditional American wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the UFC has housed some of the deadliest fighters in the world. These fighters have displayed their skills in the octagon for over two decades and most would agree that they are in a class of their own. But there are only a select few who can manage to be called “Great”. Below, we are going to show you the top 10 UFC fighters of all time.


10. Randy Couture

Couture is an MMA legend and one of the first pioneers in the UFC. He has accumulated quite a reputation in the octagon and has accomplished some impressive feats. For example, he was the first fighter to ever hold titles in more than one weight class. He was entered the most championship fights than any other fighter and has successfully defended his belt on five separate occasions. He is arguably the best heavyweight UFC fighter to ever live.


9. Chuck Liddell

His is labeled as a UFC superstar and has one of the most powerful knockout punches in the game. Liddell holds the record for the most fights won by knockout in a row in the light heavyweight division. Many people recognize his ability and toughness inside of the octagon and because of this he has earned a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. And let’s not forget to mention that he houses a pretty cool hairdo.


8. Royce Gracie

The majority or fighters who enter the UFC octagon have an uncanny ability to knock opponents out with the hands and feet. But Royce Gracie is much different.  As a matter of fact, he is the complete opposite. Instead of knocking an opponent out, he will “tap” them out. He is undoubtedly the most skilled UFC grappler to ever play the game. Using his wit and skill, he was able to beat opponents who were significantly larger.


7. B.J. Penn

B.J. Penn is a Hawaiian native who has established himself as one of the greatest lightweight and welterweight fighters in UFC history. He has defended his title more than three times and even holds the record of holding the most wins in that particular division. If you’ve ever watched Penn fight before then you may have noticed that he is extremely well-rounded. He can knockout someone out just as easily as he can choke them out.


6. Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz holds the record for the most UFC fights ever and he is a bad, bad man in the octagon. He defended his light-heavyweight title a whopping five times and his constant trash talking before fights has really captivated viewers and created controversy.  His persona in the octagon really makes for an exciting watch and there are few who can argue that he is the most successfully light-heavyweight to ever play the game.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 UFC Fighters of All Time

  1. Good list, again you nailed #1, but I’d have had both Liddell and Couture in front of Tito Ortiz.

  2. I agree with silva at number one but man come on im not even old school but you gotta have gracie at LEAST in the top 5. I dont get the criteria for the list either because if its who would win if these guys were in a tournament it would be Jones or a HW with silva having a shot.

  3. Frank Mir does not belong on this list. I can think of at least 10 other fighters that should be there. If you insist on putting him in the top ten, there is no way he should be anything but #10.

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