Top 10 Tips for Sleeping in an Airport



5. Scope out the Area

The first thing you should do if you’re planning on sleeping at an airport is to scope out the area. While this may be one of your biggest challenges, it will ultimately be the most beneficial thing you can do for your situation. Walk around and explore the various terminals. Do you see any there are less saturated with people? Are there security guards walking around? If you can’t find a place to lie down right away then don’t panic because you can always considering sitting down in the meantime and falling asleep. In some cases, airport staff may point you in the right direction.


4. Rent a Car

If you are unhappy with your area and can’t find a descent spot to fall asleep, you could consider purchasing a rental car. Sometimes you can spend hours trying to find a place to fall asleep and if you’re on a budget then you definitely aren’t interested in purchasing a hotel room. But here is something that not a lot of people think about: you can rent a vehicle for about $20 and spend the night in there. Sure you may need to pay for parking but the night of sleep that you’re going to receive because of it can sure be rewarding.


3. Protect Your Possessions

Aside from watching out for your own health, always make sure that you are keeping an eye on your things. While it doesn’t happen too often, there are people who will attempt to steal your bags while you are sleeping. And by the time you wake up and try to do something about it, they are long gone. There are really two ways you can go about keeping your things safe. For one, if you don’t have a lot of stuff then you can simply wrap the handles of your bags around your body and sleep like that. But if you have too many bags, or a bag that is too large, consider checking them into the airport. Some airports do provide this option and some don’t so figure it out when you arrive.


2. Play Dumb

Even though you are becoming really savvy at sleeping in airports and know what to expect, play dumb when you are confronted by airport security. Even if you’re someone who sleeps in airports on a regular basis, act like you’ve never done it before. In some cases, the airport staff may feel empathy for you and allow you to remain where you are. While it doesn’t always work, you should never act like you “know it all”. This will automatically have your sleeping rights revoked.


1. Stock Up

At night, you may find yourself hungry. If you have a long time until your flight arrives, consider stocking up on food. And the reason that you’ll want to do this is because most food places are going to be closed during the night and won’t open up until the morning. If you’re going to be spending the night in an airport then you’ll want to have food to last you through the night. Even if you are only going to be sleeping, you may wake up with the mid-night munchies.

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