Top 10 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

5. Use Flashcards

Flashcards are probably one of the best methods that you can use to learn any new language. You should begin by carrying a pack with you and writing down every word or phrase that you’re having trouble with. And the reason we say carry them with you is because then you can practice in areas where your time would otherwise be “wasted”. For example, if you are riding the bus or waiting for class to start, you can pull out your flashcards and take that time to be productive and learn your new language.


4. Label Your Surroundings

For whatever item you have in your house, label it with its respective name but in the foreign language. For example, if you have a wall then you would label in “La Pared”, assuming that Spanish was the language you were learning. Make sure that you place these labels in bathrooms, kitchen, and even the wash room. You would be surprised by how quickly you pick up random vocabulary by utilizing this method.


3. Patience is Key

Progress with language learning will not be a steady or straight line. Quite the contrary actually- it will have many turns, twists, and curves. Some days it may feel as though you are making huge progress while on other days, it may feel like you’re moving backwards. Realize that things won’t happen as you predict but don’t let this discourage you. If you find yourself “stuck” then try taking a break for a few days before jumping back on board. Above anything, have patience and know that you aren’t getting worse at your new language.


2. Find a Partner

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to practice it with people who are already fluent in it. For example, if you’re trying to learn French then you should be spending time speaking and interacting with people who know French. It will help you absorb more information as well as concrete in what you already know. And finding a partner doesn’t have to be difficult. Begin by checking your social circle and moving outward until you find a partner who can help you.


1. Take Formal Classes

When all else fails, take some formal classes. While they may cost a little bit of money, they can really take your language learning to a whole new level. Language learning classes provide a structured environment that you can utilize to learn any language that you want. There are usually curriculums involved that will help you stay on course and you’ll always have a teacher there to guide you. Not to mention, there will probably be other students there as well. This means that you can take tip number two and ask them to be your practice partner outside of the classroom.

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  1. What recommended on this page is the most practical way for someone who is serious in learning a foreign language.

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