Top 10 Supergroups

5. Temple of the Dog

Temple of the Dog formed in Seattle in 1990 as a result of the death of one of the Cities most hotly tipped up and coming musicians, Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. Woods roommate, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, decided to begin planning a tribute album for the overdose victim- with a view to include Woods former band-mates (who had at the time just gone on to form the first incarnations of Pearl Jam) as well as his own, in the project. The group stuck together loosely for a couple of years, releasing the album (which is a bit of a masterpiece) in 1991 and playing several live shows.


4. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Formed as a result of some of the 1960’s most celebrated song writers getting annoyed with their respective bands’ variously worsening situations- CSNY still carry a lot of weight amongst fans of both rock music and folk. David Crosby of The Byrds, Steven Nash of The Hollies and Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield came together initially in 1968, releasing a debut entitled simply ‘Crosby, Stills & Nash’ in 1969. Over the course of the next year Neil Young got involved with the group and they released classic album ‘Déjà vu’ in 1970. The band have been on and off ever since, releasing a string of albums- some with Neil Young, some without.


3. Velvet Revolver

After officially quitting the ill-fated original Guns N’ Roses line-up of yesteryear in the mid-1990’s, bass player Duff McKagan, drummer Matt Sorum and guitarist Slash, whilst up to their own various schemes, never really settled back into their groove as mega super rock-stars until they formed Velvet Revolver in 2002. A classic (and expected) sleazy hard rock outfit, Velvet Revolver also featured Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland on vocals and jack of all bands guitar player Dave Kushner. Releasing 2 very good albums in 2004 and 2007, drug problems unfortunately got in the way- forcing the departure of Weiland in 2008. Not a note since.


2. Audioslave

Formed from 2 of the most prominent hard rock groups of the late 1980’s/90’s, Audioslave were active for 6 years from 2001. The band comprises of Soundgarden wailer Chris Cornell as well as the instrumentalists from revolutionary outfit Rage Against the Machine, a combination which, quite surprisingly, sounds amazing. During their time together the band was very industrious, releasing 3 highly praised albums and embarking on tour stints all over the globe, even becoming the first American rock band to play an open-air concert in Cuba. They split in 2007 citing ‘irresolvable issues/musical differences’.


1. Cream

One of the earliest Supergroups, Cream was formed by several of London’s youngest and most promising musicians in 1966. Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were previously working as the rhythm section for jazz/RnB group ‘The Graham Bond Organisation’ when discovering that former Yardbird/Bluesbreaker Eric Clapton was in a rut and wanted to start something new. UK Top 10 debut album ‘Fresh Cream’ arrived shortly after the groups formation- as well as 3 more LP’s which came in 67’, 68’ and 69’. The group had disbanded by the end of the 60’s; however still reunite every now and then to perform their legendary back catalog, which has been immortalized on several live albums over the years.

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