Top 10 Strangest Businesses That Made Money

5. Fit Deck

A lot of people like playing cards and a lot of people like working out. But have you ever considered mixing the two? Well if you haven’t, that’s okay because a former Navy SEAL by the name of Phil Black has already cashed in. He created a deck of cards that had exercise routines on them and sold them online for about $20 a pop. In his highest grossing year, he ended up earning about $5,000,000. Most can agree that this is much more than the military pays.


4. Positive Dating

How interested would you be, if you were HIV positive, to be a part of a website that shows you other singles who are also HIV positive? Well if you like the idea then you can thank Brandon Koechlin and Paul Graves for it. They created a website that basically linked HIV positive people who were interested in dating. In 2006, sales were at about $110,000.


3. Designer Diaper Bags

A 34-year-old mother named Christie Rein was tired of walking around with diaper bags so she created a freezer bag for holding the diapers. She did this because she didn’t want them to be scrunched up in her purse. However, she did want something stylish, sleek, and compact so in 2004, she sat down with her husband and came up with something that would leave people in awe. In 2005, she amassed about $200,000 in sales and today she offers diaper bags in about 22 different styles and each one goes for about $15.


2. TruGamerz

Chances are good that a faux-suede padded cover for a video game controller isn’t something that would attract a gamer’s attention- especially if it had gel thumb pads for the analog joysticks. And while this notion seemed to be true, it didn’t stop the sales of such an item from taking off and earning more than half a million dollars.


1. Lucky Wishbone

All of us know what a wishbone is. If you don’t know, it’s basically a bone that has two sides and you, along with another person, pull on it. The person who has the largest side when it breaks is allowed to make a wish. Now, this is all fine and good, but nobody really ever believed that it could be turned into a money making machine- except for founder Ken Ahroni. He created the Lucky Wishbone Co. in 2006 and his annual sales soared well over one million dollars. Today, he is producing more than 30,000 wishbones every day.

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