Top 10 Stag Party Ideas

5. Fishing Trip

Many lakes around your neck of the woods? Why not head out for a day or two with a group of buddies and some beers to catch a few hundred fish? OK, you might not catch that many fish- but you’ll certainly get a few, and you’ll be able to enjoy the added pleasure of spending some time on a boat. Providing you’re a responsible group of gents you should be able source out a decent boat for rent without having to cross a state border, or take out a loan.


4. Strip Bar

This had to feature on my list somewhere, OK? There is no way anyone could construct a list like this without featuring such a prominent classic. A bog standard stag option for many years, strip bars are always full to the brim with guys celebrating this momentous occasion. The premise I’m sure needs no explanation, just make sure it all remains at the intensely good fun level, instead of the convincing the groom to marry his stripper level.  An unimaginative option however one that possesses a simple charm, it can be as crazy as you desire, provided you have the funds needed of course.


3. Hunting Trip

Fusing the raw elemental factors akin to the previous fishing trip option with the gun-rush excitement of the range option, a hunting trip is one sure to guarantee a whole lot of fun and bonding. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself to be the type, one of the stags many supernatural powers is that it enables you to try something completely out of character. Doing something new is the best way to have fun, good experiences are remembered a lot more if they appear out of the blue.


2. An Evening on the Liquor

If you and your friends have never been the type to shy from a party situation, then why start now? This option covers a lot of ground, as essentially I’m just implying that you get hilariously drunk, the surrounding in which this occurs being up to yourself. If I was compelled to give you more detail, I suppose I’d suggest a bar or even a nightclub?  How un-inspirational I hear you mutter, the truth is these places are designed for such endeavour- with the innocents safely out of way and the beer plentiful.


1. Fake Kidnapping

Now this is one for those of you with a slightly twisted sense of humour, and it wins the top spot simply on the grounds that it is so different. Apparently all the craze in Eastern Europe these days, having a gang of thuggish looking actors kidnapping the groom at some point during the run-up to his big day might be just the ticket. Obviously there are many things you should take into account before going ahead with this option, primarily whether or not the groom will find it funny or not afterwards once he’s been ‘released’ into the surroundings of a less threatening …strip bar?

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