Top 10 Stag Party Ideas

The Stag is more than just a party; it is the celebration of one man’s life up until that point. A reunion of friends to mark the end of the bachelor lifestyle, and the beginning of the married life of one of their ranks.


10. Go Karting

Despite being a very popular and maybe even overused choice amongst young stag rabbles, go-karting is nonetheless a classic. Affordable, widely accessible and extremely fun- this may just the right option for your stag celebrations. Pretty much every county has a centre nearby at which you can put your racing skills to the test in a safe yet competitive environment, making this a great choice should you be running low on planning time.


9. Paintball

Another popular classic, paintballing allows for a large group of friends to immerse into a fire-fight situation, whilst remaining relatively out of danger in the process. Much like go-karting, there are countless centres nationwide which offer a diverse range of military influenced scenarios and settings for you to run about shooting each other. If you have the means you could even host your own game, a move which would add more intimacy to the proceedings.


8. Target Shooting

Stag party’s should be and usually always are extremely masculine occasions- this ancient traditional aspect may act to draw you to this option, should you be the type. What could be more suitable for fans of guns than a trip to a range with friends? Once more, you should not need to travel very far to attain this option, with ranges sprawled pretty solidly over the country- hosting a whole range of weaponry which you can go all Rambo with in a safe and controlled environment.


7. Casino Trip

This one is pretty much self-explanatory.


6. Surfing

If you’ve always pictured yourself as a Patrick Swayze type dude (some people do that don’t they?), round up a group of friends and head to the coast to catch some of that delicious surf. Obviously, if you already live on a coast and regularly surf- you can move on to the next idea. If however, you live in the middle of Colorado several hundred miles from the nearest beach- this could worth consideration. Notoriously harder than it looks, surfing is probably the most fun you could have at the beach without a rocket powered vehicle of some kind.

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