Top 10 Sporting Comebacks

The career of an athlete is often a very circumstantial entity, with no assurances that they will be fit to carry on at the required level, professional sportspeople are under a constant amount of pressure. Despite injury, controversy and age putting an end to many careers, there are some who have bounced back in the best of styles.


10. Paul Scholes

Veteran midfielder Paul Scholes has played for his native Manchester United since his career began in 1991. Having become a legend of the soccer club- he announced his expected retirement towards the end of last season and quickly became a part of the prestigious teams coaching staff. In January of this year however, Scholes reversed his decision to retire in light of the amount of squad members who were injured at the club, returning to magnificent form instantaneously and still dominating his centric role as a playmaker within the team.


9. Kim Clijsters

Belgian Tennis player Kim Clijsters announced her retirement aged just 24 in 2007, citing complications resulting from various injuries. 2 years later however, following the birth of her daughter- she informed the tennis world of her imminent return. After competing in an exhibition doubles match at the prestigious Wimbledon Club in London- Clijsters is said to have regained her taste for the game. She won her third tournament back (the US Open) becoming the first mother to do so in almost 30 years- Clijsters continued her career with some success until officially retiring once again in September of this year.


8. Lance Armstrong

This is admittedly a bit of controversial one, considering the Cyclists recent doping scandal- however I don’t think his story should go overlooked. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer in the late 1990’s, Armstrong went on to overcome the disease as well as winning the 1999 tour de France road race. He then went on to win the next 6 years in a row as well, setting a record breaking 7 consecutive wins. However in recent years, the American has been under scrutiny about his drug use around the time of his feat- recently being found guilty of using performance enhancing substances and stripped of all recognitions.


7. Ted Williams

Easily one of the biggest hitters the ballgame has ever seen, Baseball legend Ted Williams was an (almost) permanent fixture at the Boston Redsox for the entirety of his career. Being interrupted by Naval enlistment not just once but twice, Williams balanced his time between Fenway Park and the Second World and Korean Wars magnificently- returning after each stint away in excellent form and maintaining his place as one the teams (and indeed the games) most beloved icons.


6. Alessandro Zanardi

The tale of Alessandro ‘Alex’ Zanardi is one of bravery and perseverance. As a promising motorsport driver at the turn of the 21st century, Alex was involved in a terrible accident on the track which took both of his legs and about 2/3 of his blood. Miraculously, the Italian was saved and made a surprisingly quick return to his passion- completing his laps of the track on which he nearly died, barely 2 years later. He did this in a speed that would have seen him qualify in a steady 5th place for that weekend’s race, in a car specially adapted to be controlled completely by hand. After this, Alex turned his attention to handbiking, a sport which he again excelled at- winning a 2 gold medals and a silver during this Summers Paralympics in the UK.

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