Top 10 Remote Small Towns

America is pretty big, isn’t it? There are vast areas of land where there is nothing in the way of civilization. Mountains and deserts, yes but not a Wal-Mart anywhere in sight. But in the middle of these remote areas, you will find pockets of habitation. In these places there may only be a few shops and a school, but people can spend their whole lives there, miles away from anywhere else. Find out just far away you can get from the world in our Top 10 Remote Small Towns.


10. Crested Butte, CO

If you’re ever in the mountains of Colorado, be sure to check out the tiny town of Crested Butte. It’s a ski  resort, covering only 0.7 sqmiles, but with a population of 1,487 and its own airport and Nordic Center. It started life as a mining town, but is now known as “the last great Colorado ski town” with a maze of ski runs over Crested Butte itself. It’s also miles away from anywhere, with the settlement of Almont 18 miles away, and that barely counts as a town, being less than a mile from one end to the other. The next town away is Gunnison, 21 miles south of Crested Butte. On all other sides of the town, there is nothing but mountains. Aspen lies 23 miles to the north-west but there is no road in between. A great ski town, but an isolated one.


9. Marfa, TX

From the freezing mountains of Colorado to the parched desert of West Texas. With an area of 1.4sqmiles, Marfa is a very small town that has received nationwide interest due to the mysterious Marfa lights, which appear in the night sky for no known reason. Marfa has also acted as a film set for various productions, including “There Will be Blood” and “No Country for Old Men”. It also has a permanent work of modern art, entitled “Prada Marfa” (above), which is set in the middle of nowhere and resembles a Prada shop. Within a few days of installation, thieves broke in and stole the handbags and shoes. It may be famous, but it’s also very remote. The nearest town is Alpine, which is also not huge although it does have an airport. The rest of the surrounding area is desert. If you head due west from Marfa, you would not hit a major town before you get to the Gulf of California, 500 miles away. The only place en route is the tiny Nuevos Casas Grande. So if you get stuck in Marfa, don’t walk west…


8. Angle Inlet, MN

We’re back up north again. So far north, in fact that this small town can only be reached by going into Canada and back out again. Perched on the edge of Lake on the Woods, it was the northernmost point of the contiguous US, according to the census and it has a population of just 60. The nearest American town is Warroad, 32 miles away in a straight line, but to reach there by road would involve going around the lakes and over the border twice. So, it’s safe to say it’s cut off from the world.


7. Jordan Valley, OR

Another small town, covering 2.08 sqmiles, Jordan Valley is set in a rare green river valley, amid vast stretches of rocky mountains. There is a population of 181, but it has its own mayor – Jake Roe. I’m guessing the mayoral elections aren’t fiercely contested and might even be done by a show of hands. The town is made up of sheep and cattle farmers, and its local tourist attraction is the Jordan Crater Field (above) – a field of extinct volcanoes and splatter cones, made of cooled lava. Apart from that, there isn’t much around and the nearest town is Murphy, 30 miles away in a straight line over the mountains. Even that appears to be an airstrip and not much else. If you get trapped in Jordan Valley, you could be there for a while…


6. Williams, AZ

Williams is huge compared to some of the towns on our list, but at a population of 3,023 it still isn’t what you’d call a huge city. It lies an hour away from the Grand Canyon, via the Grand Canyon Railway and it’s also on the historic Route 66. There are mountains to the north, forest to the south and the town of Flagstaff 30 miles to the East. Still, there’s a lot to do in Williams, according to the official tourist site. Attractions include the intriguing-sounding “Bearizona”, a wildlife park where you can encounter bears in their natural habitat. And presumably performing their natural act of tracking and killing humans. If you still fancy getting up close and personal with the bears, remember you won’t be able to get away in a hurry…!

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  1. Nobody ever mentions the most remote and isolated incorporated city in Alaska – one of it’s newest and it’s least populated, and it’s not even close to Whittier. There is one even more remote and inaccessable – no roads at all to this idyllic island town, and it’s a rare and little known jewel with a wide and deep well protected bay and scenery that is beyond beautiful. It’s weather is mild – being in the south of Southeast Alaska, and the opportunities for outdoor recreation are unmatched. It is a secret best-of-the-best destination for cave explorers from all over the world due to its very unique geology, and has 7 varieties of salmon as well as crab, scallops, and halibut in it’s bay. It’s a 6 hour boat ride to the nearest town with a bank and restaurants, and most people travel there and back by float plane – which brings the mail 3 times a week. It’s a very small town with a very big zip code, actually the biggest. I’ve given you enough clues, so I’m not going to tell you it’s name – but if you find it and ever get a chance to go there you will be one of the very fortunate ones.

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