Top 10 Quarterbacks in NFL History

If you were to ask 10 football fans who the greatest quarterback in NFL history is, they’d each probably give you a different answer. The question itself is undoubtedly one that sparks debate so we are going to take the time to go over the top 10 quarterbacks in NFL history. This will be our take over this epic question.


10. Peyton Manning

Although Peyton Manning is easily considered one of the top three quarterbacks playing today, he is still a little far behind the others on this list. But this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t accomplished many great things in his career as quarterback. He has led his team to an impressive 12 winning seasons and has thrown for more than 4,000 years in a record setting amount of times. He has the second highest throwing efficiency of all time and is well known for his pre-snap abilities during play.


9. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an impressive and very smart quarterback by most people’s standards. He has three Super Bowl championships under his belt and he managed to do this before his 26th birthday. He was the super bowl MVP on multiple occasions and holds the record for most consecutive playoff game wins at 10. He holds the record for completing the most passes during a Super Bowl and he is also known for recording 100 completed passes in only four games. He is a dangerous quarterback and one of the greats.


8. Bart Starr

Bart Starr was a very accurate clutch quarterback who could always get the job done. During his career, he managed to lead his team to two Super bowls and he held the NFL player passing rating five times. The only other quarterback to do better was legendary Steve Young. When you think about Bart Starr as a quarterback, you’ll immediately think about his dangerous passing game and being one of the best passers in the history of the NFL.


7. Steve Young

Steve Young is one of the best as well as most underrated NFL quarterbacks of all time. The reason why is because he spent a lot of his time in the shadow of Joe Montana, another legendary quarterback. He holds several passing records and one of the more popular ones was when he passed for over 100 (in the passer rating scale) in four straight seasons. Throughout the course of his career, he managed to rush for a whopping 43 touchdowns which is unheard of, especially from a quarterback who isn’t known for his speed and agility. He could be considered the most accurate QB in history.


6. Otto Graham

When you think about the top QB’s in the game, you would be crazy not to include Otto Graham on the list. Otto was an amazing leader who led his team to six championship games throughout the course of his career. He won four straight AAFC championships before that. Out of those ten championship games, he won a remarkable seven of them. He was very consistent as a QB and had an uncanny ability to lead people when they were down. His name will be immortalized forever in the game of football.


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  1. Well done list. You nailed it with Montana at number one, and you left the most overrated player in NFL history, Brett Favre, off the list. Excellent job.

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