Top 10 Public Meltdowns

When you’re a celebrity it seems that your whole life is lived in public. Cleaning your teeth? Paparazzi will be there. Walking your dog? Your poop-scooping abilities will be judged by fans all over the world. And so it makes sense that when celebrities have their inevitable nervous breakdown it would be viewed by the world at large. Which is why there are so many examples of celebrities having embarassing meltdowns in front of the cameras. Whether it’s committing political hari-kari or jumping on the sofa, you’ll find them all in our Top 10 Public Meltdowns.


10. Britney Spears

Britney melted down in such a dramatic fashion that it’s set a precedent for all those who have followed her (take note, Miley Cyrus). Looking to shake off her Disney-clean image, she first pushed the boundaries of just how raunchy a video could be and then she lost it completely. She shaved her head, on camera, and allegedly took an overdose of amphetamines. Apparently, the two were linked, as Spears was paranoid that traces of drugs would be found in her hair and her children would be taken away from her. Rehab swiftly followed, along with whirlwind romances and patchy chart success, but she has since calmed down, with a stint as a judge on the “X Factor” and a new album coming out soon.


9. Tom Cruise

Tom loved Katie Holmes. Really loved her. So much so that he felt the need to jump up and down on a sofa while declaring his love for her. The scene was Oprah’s show, the year was 2005 and Tom Cruise was a man so in love with his new, younger wife that he couldn’t sit still. Kneeling on the floor, yes. Jumping up and down on the sofa, yes. But sitting down and answering Oprah’s questions? No. At one point he ran off to get her, and can be seen pursuing her through the backstage area before getting her into a wrestling grip and hauling her onto the set. Rumors that he’s a bit controlling in his relationships are, apparently, unfounded.

Spin on to 2013 and the couple have split up and Cruise now regrets his behavior on Oprah. Rumors that the whole relationship was a sham to cover up his homosexuality are, like the last rumor discussed, apparently unfounded….


8. Todd Akin

With all the advisers and spin doctors that politicians have access to, you’d think they would choose their words carefully. But no. From Bill Clinton’s blatant lies to George W.Bush’s frequent confusions, politicians seem to speak first and only think later once their words are plastered all over the newspapers. But no-one in recent memory has imploded quite like Todd Akin. In just one ridiculous speech, he managed to make enemies of the female half of the human race, as well as alienating anyone with half a brain.

His topic was the ever-controversial subject of abortion. His thesis was that women’s bodies “shut down” while being raped, so that getting pregnant from a “legitimate rape” is impossible. He was wrong in so many ways. He was roundly condemned by the President, members of his own party and, of course, the press. He resolved to stay in the Senate race, but lost in spectacular fashion. All because he “used the wrong words in the wrong way”. It’s hard to feel too sorry for him!


7. Mel Gibson

Now, where to start with Mel Gibson? In the past, he has insulted everyone he can think of, with sentiments ranging from misogynistic to anti-Semitic. But in 2010 the the brunt of his wrath was borne by his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, when tapes were released of the Hollywood star screaming abuse at her, saying she looked like a “pig on heat” and warning her that she would get “raped by a pack of n***ers” if she went out in the outfit she had on. Unsurprisingly, she split up with him soon afterwards and a court case followed, with allegations of domestic violence. He appears unrepentant about the abuse – verbal or otherwise – and many people have continued to avoid his movies on the grounds that he just seems to be a fairly unpleasant person. Not even he could argue with that.


6. Mike Tyson

All’s fair in love and boxing, according to Mike Tyson. Or at least, that’s the impression he gave in 1997, when he fought Evander Holyfield. Holyfield seemed to have the upper hand throughout the fight, headbutting Tyson but not being reprimanded for it (the referee, Mills Lane, ruled that the headbutts were unintentional). So, Tyson took the initiative and bit a hole in Holyfield’s right ear. Astoundingly, that was not the end of the fight – Holyfield wanted to carry on, despite the bleeding, and so the referee ruled that Tyson would lose two points and the fight would continue. It was only after Tyson bit his opponent’s other ear that he was finally disqualified. A shocking fall from grace into a pit of bad manners for a former champion.

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