Top 10 Predictions for the Future

5. Nuclear Fusion will be mastered

This is almost a certainty; experts predict we will have mastery over this potentially endless resource for power and energy by midway through the current century. Although I find it extremely hard to grasp most (by most I mean pretty much all) scientific concepts, from what I can gather Nuclear Fusion will project humankind onto the next level of our existence. With a population that is rapidly growing, the Earth is in dire need of a renewable energy source which can be depended upon in the long term.


4. Brains Wired to Computers

This concept terrifies me more than it does amaze me, even more so due to the fact that experts claim such ‘machine augmentation’ could be readily available to those in the developed world by 2050. In principle, this technology will allow us to both amplify and customise our intelligence and brain power to suit specific needs or desires. As good as this does sound, the precise thought of having a brain/body controlled by a computer is, to me at least, a very heavy one. Not to sound like an Orwell obsessed nut job- but computers wired to your brain? Not for me.


3. Single Worldwide Currency

This prediction seems to be dividing economic experts straight down the middle, on the one hand – the increasing digitization of well, absolutely everything, leads many to believe that one neutral digital format of currency will rise to prominence over the coming decades. On the other side of the argument however, it is claimed that the digital age is enabling the introduction of new forms of bartering and independent exchange rates- in turn encouraging division and producing more, not less currencies in the long term.


2. Control of the Weather

This is already a reality in basic form, with the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) launching in 1993- the intent of which is to test possibilities into the manipulation of weather conditions and the like. The technology has been used from its base in Gakona, Alaska on occasion to mediate tornadoes etc- and as knowledge of its capabilities grows, so will its part in the prevention of detrimental weather conditions. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that weather control, once more roundly mastered of course, will be used to make it perfect beach weather every day all summer long- instead it is likely to be focused on the prevention of large scale natural disasters.


1. Extensive Ocean Farming

Despite having absolutely pillaged our planets seas for the better part of a millennium, humankind is set to carry this tradition on far into the future. With an ever expanding population which is set to reach 10 billion by 2100, it is important we have the resources to feed such a staggering amount of people. As well as delicious fish, it seems we shall also farm algae in our seas- in order to capitalize on its apparent superpowers as a renewable energy source.

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