Top 10 Predictions for the Future

In the past few decades, humankind has accelerated beyond what most of our ancestors would be willing to accept as possible. The digital age is well and truly upon us, in all of its exciting and terrifying glory.


10. Marriage Replaced by Contract

So they reckon, as time goes on and medicine gets better and our lives inevitably become longer- new alternatives to the traditional ‘till death do us part’ marriage will appear. Marriage contracts lasting only a decade or two (or three, four, five….) may become available for future generations as a result of their expected longer lives. Old school will still be an option however, at least I’d imagine so.


9. Deserts will become Tropical Forests

There are already some parts of the world’s deserts which are becoming increasingly overtaken by vegetation. This process is known as ‘Desert Greening’ and some say the eventual results of this will be a complete transformation from sand dune to dense jungle. If this does happen however, it will most likely take hundreds if not thousands of years- so don’t get too excited.


8. Succession of States from the Union

We all know how this ended last time, so let’s hope if this prediction does occur it’ll be in be better spirit than 1861. There have already been some indications that California wish to lead this break-up of the US- and inherent doubts and pressures of this kind can do nothing but grow generation to generation. Some say we can expect this by the end of the current decade- citing differences in wealth generation between states as the main catalyst. Basically, the rich don’t want to have to fund the poor thousands of miles away in what are theoretically foreign municipalities.


7. Most of the World Will Embrace Gay Marriage

This one is mostly in reference to the Western World, a lot of which does support gay people and their right to marry currently. In coming years however, the options available for legal union may increase to those all over the globe. Unfortunately, it could be centuries until homosexuality becomes acceptable absolutely everywhere, mostly due to religion- yes, that old chestnut. Many religions and belief systems, particularly (though not exclusively) those whose roots lie in the East- still regard homosexuality as inherently wrong- making this prediction far from certain.


6. Everyone Will Speak either English, Spanish or Mandarin

This already seems like quite a drastic change considering the amount of languages spoken on our planet (250 differing tongues are uttered daily by the residents of London alone, for example), however what if I was to tell you that many experts believe this prediction to be extremely likely AND possible by the end of the 21st century. Languages are dying daily, with English, Spanish and Mandarin already the most widely spoken- they are set to fundamentally absorb the others.

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