Top 10 Pixar Movies

5. Finding Nemo

As the title suggests this movie is all about finding Nemo.  Nemo is the son of Marlin, the widower clown fish who loses his son to the humans when he ventures to the open sea. So in this adventurous movie the Marlin sets out to search for his son along with another fish Dory. Together they set out on a long journey facing different problems and creatures till they reach the dentist’s office in Ssydney where his son is. The ocean view has been set up very well and this movie attracts both the parents and kids in a way. It is definitely a must watch adventurous movie.


4. Up

This is a story of 78 year old Carl, who sets out on a journey to the lost land in South America, to fulfil the promise he made with his late wife Ellie. He somehow using his creativity ties thousands of balloons to his house and yeah he makes it fly!  He then flies off towards South America. With him is an annoying talkative chubby boy scout Russell, a talking dog and a bird named Kevin who causes him a lot of trouble along the journey.  Carl is very energetic, motivated and bold enough to achieve his wife’s dream and his character makes this story adventurous.


3. Toy Story

This story is about the two main characters Woody and Buzz light year. Woody has always been the favourite toy for Andy, until he gets a new toy Buzz lightyear. The story then revolves around the jealousy and competition between the two toys, each one of whom tries to prove he is better. The conflict between the two takes them to the new understanding of friendship, hatred and jealousy. This movie is really entertaining although the main focus is on Woody and Buzz lightyear but it has got everything to be a good movie.


2. Wall-E

Wall-E is a trash cleaning robot who has been left on earth to clean up the mess left by mankind who have abandoned the earth and left it contaminated. Humans have moved into space and Wall-E is the only lonely thing here. However, he finds Eve, a dangerous robot with whom he falls in love with. Eve then somehow is sent to the space where he follows her to find the love of his life and save her from the humans, where in the end he find himself among the humans in space. Wall-E has one of the greatest visuals making it even more interesting.


1. Toy Story 3

After almost 11 years Buzz, Woody and the whole gang returns. As Andy now has grown enough to fit in college, it’s time for the toys to find themselves a new home. However, they have mistakenly been sent to a day-care center instead of the attic. It’s upto Woody to convince the rest and escape the evil clutches of  day-care center. This movie is well developed in terms of graphics, characters and animation. It has it all that you need to declare this as the best Pixar movie till date.

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