Top 10 Pixar Movies

Pixar animation studios which in short is referred as Pixar has produced 12 animated movies. Based in Emeryville, California all the animated movies produced by Pixar come under top 50 grossing animated movies of all time. Pixar has always succeeded in making creative, imaginary and story telling films which have earned a lot of interest for the viewers. Among the 12 films they have produced so far, below are the top 10 according to the different ratings.


10. Bugs life

This film involves the story of an ant Flik who is a misfit in his colony. A bunch of grasshoppers come to his colony named as anthill and they take all the food that the ants have gathered for themselves. However, one day Flik accidentally drops the offered seeds down the river. With this being done, grasshoppers get furious and give ants one last chance to collect food until fall. But sure enough Flik had some other plans in his mind, he decides to fight against those grasshoppers. So, he manages to assemble a team which is willing to fight against them but is more like a circus crew than some real warriors. The landscapes in this film are really very beautifully crafted. The movie is very interesting with a creative story.


9. Monsters Inc.

This movie depicts the insides of the monster world, the monsters who are basically famous for scaring the children at night by showing up from under their beds or closets. By scaring the children, monsters generate their city’s power. This movie revolves around the story of Sulley, an employee of Monsters Inc., who is the champion in scaring the children along with his partner Mike. Together they form the best team only until Sulley encounters this little girl who is surprisingly not afraid of this huge monster Sulley. Sulley forms a very special relation with the little girl and protects her from other evil monsters. The character of one eyed Mike is quite funny and I giggled everytime he uttered a word. Indeed a good entertaining movie.


8. The Incredibles

Imagine a family with each member possessing a superpower, eventually things may get a little bit weird because every member has to fight a bit within the family. Anyways this movie involves the story of Mr.Incredible a.k.a Bob and his wife Helen. Both have been fighting the evils and saving people’s lives but after fifteen years they try to settle down in suburbs with civilian identities. They both get blessed with three children Dash, Jack and Violet who too posses secret superpowers. They all try to live a normal life until they are assigned to a mission which involves efforts from all the family members in order to save the world from destruction. I personally liked the action scenes, though they were a bit violent but all the characters had their unique superpowers. A very interesting action animated movie and its also a must watch.


7. Ratatouille

Ever imagined that the tiny creature that scares most of us can cook really well? Well, that’s Ratatouille and it’s cute. This story is about a rat Remy who has a dream of becoming a great french chef despite his family wishes. And of course it’s never easy for a pest to achieve a huge dream. But somehow fate gives him a chance to become chef in a well known french restaurant. The characters, view and animation clearly shows a true culture of French civilization and also shows how difficult is a life of a chef working for a renowned restaurant especially in France. A very interesting and emotional movie that should not be missed.


6. Toy Story 2

One of the best sequels ever made, in this story Woody gets abducted by the toy collector who wants to sell him while Andy is away at summer camp. Buzz, along with his other toy friends, sets off to a mission to find his friend Woody. The characters are well constructed in this movie and are given a bigger and a better role. If you are a toy story fan, you will definitely not want to miss this.

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