Top 10 Music Festivals in the World

The music festival is unarguably a modern musical institution. Finding its feet in the same tie-dyed 60’s setting as most modern guitar music, festivals have grown in popularity over the last few decades- becoming an annual coming together of like-minded music fans in most parts of the world. Although beginning as much more nomadic and roots-based affairs, many are now much more precise and showboating corporately backed affairs. Here’s a pick of 10 of the best around today.


10. Roskilde Festival – Denmark

Beginning, like many other festivals, as an outing for local hippies in 1971- this festival which takes place annually at a location on the south side of the Danish city of Roskilde, is one of the largest in Europe. Now a far more mainstream affair, Roskilde boasts an eclectic line-up annually stretching across some nine stages. Accommodating a diverse range of musical tastes, the festival remains as popular now as ever- with tickets in extremely high demand year after year.


9. Festival Internacional de Benicassim – Spain

This festival, commonly abbreviated to ‘FIB’, was first held in 1995 with a line-up including Supergrass, The Charlatans and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Held in the coastal sun-blessed town of Benicassim (around a 2 hour drive from Barcelona), festival goers have the choice of several beaches upon which to relax over the course of the weeklong event. Music does not start until around 5pm due to the intense Spanish summer sun, often running through until early the next morning. The festival is not only notorious for its line-ups, but the young party-going crowd it attracts each year.


8. Reading and Leeds – England

Originally just the Reading festival, this institution of British summertime began in 1971- again as a result of the whole 60’s movement thing. Quite oddly, the original order of the day was Jazz, however this had soon (thankfully) graduated into prog rock and heavy metal by the middle of the decade. The festival now boasts a northern site near the city of Leeds (although I’ve heard it’s actually closer to York…) with the two having the exact same line-up which interchanges each of the festivals 3 days.


7. Lollapalooza – USA

Created initially by Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, this festival enjoyed an initial run for seven years between 91’ and 97’ before being side-lined until its eventual revival in 2003. What makes this festival standout internationally; is the fact that it was one of the first to hit the road all over North America. Instead of remaining in one place, the whole shabang moves all over the country maximising exposure, not to mention sheer awe.


6. Fuji Rock – Japan

Often described as the most picturesque music festival in the world, Fuji rock has been bringing western rock music (as well as showcasing home-grown talent) to Japan since 1997. Originally the festival was held at the base of the famous Mt. Fuji (hence the name), however the event has since been relocated to a ski resort some 187 miles north of Fuji. Retaining its original name however, the festival features around seven main music stages and in recent year’s attendees have been treated to the likes of Radiohead, The Stone Roses and Jack White.

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