Top 10 Movie Triologies


10. The Three Colors Trilogy

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Kieslowski followed his 10-part Dekalog sequence in his native Poland with this accomplished trio of French films, somewhat obliquely celebrating liberty, equality and fraternity. The second is a comedy set partly in a morally bankrupt Poland; the first (set in France) and third (in Switzerland) are majestic.


9. The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy

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It was either Pirates or Ocean’s, I know a lot of folks thought the two sequels were a big bloated mess and I actually think the second film is extremely flawed and the third one is a bit long. However, on a whole, and having all three on DVD is quite an adventure. These three films are popcorn films at their very best. The Curse of the Black Pearl is one of my favorite blockbusters of all time, I just love that film and think Depp made Captain Jack Sparrow watchable for hours.


8. The Back to the Future Trilogy

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The Back to the Future movies are lauded by fellow geeks around the world and some would have no qualms about naming this as their favourite trilogy of all time. I mean, these movies had everything: comedy, action, adventure, science fiction, romance and most of all fun. The movies were a critical success, getting thumbs up from famed movie critic Robert Ebert, The New York Times, Variety and the BBC, with Janet Maslin from the New York Times writing about the original Back to the Future movie: “It’s a cinematic inventing of humor and whimsical tall tales for a long time to come.” The second and third movies were not as critically successful as the original, however, they do maintain pretty high rankings amongst all audience based rating systems like


7. The Bourne Trilogy

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This is one of those extremely rare trilogies that bests itself with each successive film. Starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, a man who, waking up with amnesia, discovers he has scary talents – such as knowing where all the exits are in case of emergency, or how to kill an assailant with his bare hands – and people who are trying to kill him. The Bourne Identity (2002), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), are based on the novels by Robert Ludlum.  Subsequent books have been written by Eric Van Lustbader. I would be surprised if a fourth movie was made, but would be thrilled if it does.


6. The Matrix Trilogy

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I probably have this one ranked a bit higher than the average person would expect to find it, but I’m comfortable with my decision to put it here nonetheless. Though sci-fi abounds on this list, the Matrix trilogy just might be the nerdiest one on here. Computer hackers, artificial intelligence, cyber-reality – it’s just a really, really geeky-feeling trilogy. But it’s still a must-see for everyone. Hidden beneath all the pseudo-technical mumbo-jumbo is a story rich in philosophy and humanity. It warrants a few re-watches as the plot is pretty convoluted and tough to follow at times, but it’s well worth it in the end.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Movie Triologies

  1. The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, also known as the Three Flavors of Cornetto Trilogy, while still not complete, seems to be missing. Instead you have such travesties as the Bourne Trilogy and the Matrix Trilogy. I think trepanning is in order.

  2. Great trilogy list. However, I wonder why The Godfather Trilogy is not at number 1 spot. I agree that The Godfather part 3 was not as good as The Godfather and The Godfather part 2. Still, there is no comparison between The Godfather and The Lords of the Rings. The Godfather 3 was highly underrated even though it was a good movie. The Lords of the Rings seems childish as compared to The Godfather. It heavily relies on computer generated effects. It does not have a sound plot as The Godfather has.

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