Top 10 Most Handsome Vampires

5. Deacon Frost

From the 1998 movie “Blade”, Deacon Frost was one of those vampires who get ideas above their station. Not content with just killing people and living forever, he decided to become “La Magra”, the vampire god. Needless to say, vampire hunter Blade, played by Wesley Snipes, had something to say about that and sorted Frost out with the use of some EDTA darts. In the original Marvel comics, Deacon was a white-haired middle-aged man with glowing red eyes but for the movie, the much younger and sexier Stephen Dorff was cast, apparently to update the character for a 90s audience (and in no way trying to copy Angel). Other actors suggested for the role were Jet Li and character actor Bruce Payne…so it could have gone in a very different direction.


4. Bill Compton

Another vampire who seems more concerned with lovin’ than killin’, Bill Compton is from the world of “True Blood”, where the invention of synthetic blood has allowed vampires to “mainstream” and live peacefully among humans. Of course, he has his darker moments – drinking the blood of the “first vampire” Lillith and becoming an enhanced vampire called “Billith” was one of those darker moments. But most of the time, his love for human Sooky keeps him away from the murder sprees he used to enjoy so much. Of course, he still tries to kill Sooky from time to time, but that’s all part of the deal when dating a vampire, right? She really should expect him to get bite-y every so often. Portrayed by Stephen Moyer, Bill has been a mainstay of the series since the start.


3. David

Before he was Jack Bauer, saving the world in a day and never stopping to pee, Kiefer Sutherland had another life. An afterlife, as head of a teenage vampire gang in Santa Carla, California, in the movie “Lost Boys”. Sleeping by day, partying and killing by night he is one of the few vampires on this list who actually seem to have fun rather than just moping around and writing poetry. He’s cool in a very 1980s way, with a bleached blonde mullet, designer stubble and leather jacket but really, you’d rather be in his gang than going to dinner parties with the Cullens in “Twilight”, wouldn’t you? He appears to die at the end of the movie, impaled on a pair of antlers, but for the sake of the spin-offs he apparently survived.


2. Louis

And talking of miserable vampires, here’s one that barely cracks a smile through the whole of “Interview with the Vampire”. Reports say that Brad Pitt was as miserable on set as his on-screen counterpart was, thanks to the uncomfortable costumes and contact lenses he had to wear, as well as the torturous make-up routine. Being second billed to Tom Cruise can’t have helped either. Louis is the main protagonist of the film and starts miserable (he’s just lost his wife and child), is miserable eating rats as a vampire, perks up a bit when he gets a vampire child to call his own (wonderfully played by Kirsten Dunst) and then sinks into complete despair when she’s killed. So, not really someone you’d want to hang out with much. But there’s no denying he’s smoking hot…!


1. Dracula

But for pure charisma and style, there’s no beating the Dark Lord himself. Originator of the classic vampiric look – sweeping cape, impeccable shirt with no bloodstains, slicked back hair – he possesses a hypnotic power that means his charm far exceeds his actual looks. He’s been played by any number of actors, from the classically handsome (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) to the unconventional (Bela Lugosi) but most of them have captured that powerful dark charisma. I’ll make an exception for Gary Oldman’s portrayal which, while it was a good performance, could never be described as handsome (it’s the wrinkles and the ridiculous twin-beehive hairstyle that would put you off). Christopher Lee also did a fine job as the Count, bringing a manly authority to the role as well as just a brooding presence. There’s a reason why the myth of Dracula persists, and will outlive all these leather-clad newbies. It’s because he is the most alluring of all vampires. Maybe it’s the accent…

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