Top 10 Most Handsome Vampires

When it comes to monsters, there is quite a clear hierarchy. Lumbering zombies are at the bottom, with little in the way of looks of manners. Next up are werewolves, who are practically human most of the time but awfully hairy and dribbly when they do change. And top of the pile is the vampire – eloquent, refined, nice taste in velvet-lined cloaks…or at least they did have. Today’s vampires seem to prefer leather over silk and spend more time brooding than getting out there and killing people. But one thing remains consistent – they’re all pretty good-looking. Obviously, no-one wants to make an ugly man immortal, do they? And in celebration of the absurdity of vampire fiction, here are our┬áTop 10 Most Handsome Vampires.


10. Lestat

1994’s “Interview With the Vampire” was a visual treat, with its sumptuously-clothed crowds of 18th Century extras. So, naturally it required a few good looking leads too. Chief among these was Lestat, played by Tom Cruise, – an arrogant vampire who turns a little girl into a vicious killing machine. He had little regard for others, unless he saw them as a potential snack, and ended up being killed by his protege. Writer Anne Rice protested when Cruise was cast, saying that the star of “Top Gun” was far too mainstream and All-American to play her ruthless Lestat. However, once she saw his performance she agreed that he was perfect for the role.


9. Angel

Many vampires like to do a bit of brooding but Angel must is the broodiest of the lot. The main love interest in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” before going on to have his own series, Angel was a vampire with a soul – a feared killer called Angelus cursed by gypsies to hang around feeling miserable for eternity. Played by David Boreanaz, he was a mid-90s teenage pin-up, although by the end of “Buffy” in 2003 he was looking distinctly haggard – a problem for the producers, given that vampires don’t age. Still, his character had been to Hell and back in those years (literally) and so you can’t blame him for looking a little careworn. Oh, and he was a fashion innovator too – he totally pioneered the long black coat look that all these modern vampires seem to sport.


8. Edward Cullen

Somewhere out there, there is a group of teenage girls cursing my name and making voodoo dolls of me for only putting Edward “Twilight” Cullen at number 8 (and a group of 30-somethings will be cursing me for putting him above Angel. You can’t win). But RobPattz, as I believe he’s known, is only really attractive to some people – namely the very young. It’s the big lips, the heavy eyebrows and the fluffy hair – he just looks so teenage. And Edward’s personality is hardly attractive either, being a soppy, “vegetarian” kind of vampire who mopes around, abandons his girlfriends for large portions of the film and gets all jealous over a werewolf. And the silliest thing about the entire “Twilight” saga? When Edward goes out into sunlight, he doesn’t spontaneously combust like a good vampire should. Oh no – he sparkles. But still, you can’t have a list of handsome vampires without him, can you? The teenage girls really would go mad…


7. Damon Salvatore

As one of the main characters of “The Vampire Diaries“, Damon Salvatore has been a vampire since 1864 and now spends his time in a small town called Mystic Falls, fighting over girls with his brother Stefan. He’s a self-declared bad boy, whose eternity philosophy goes something like this: “If you’re gonna be bad, be bad with a purpose. Otherwise, you’re just not worth forgiving.” He’s played by Ian Somerhalder, who shot to fame as Boone in “Lost”. He got killed off in the first series, but that never posed a problem for the show – he just kept turning up in flashbacks and people’s visions. As Damon, he’s another teenage pin-up of a vampire.


6. Spike

Another Buffy hottie, this one came with bleached blond hair, a very fake English accent and a whole load of attitude. He was sired by Drusilla, who in turn was sired by Angel, so he was kind of Angel’s vampire-grandson and, like most families, they had their differences. Even when Angel turned bad again, Spike couldn’t stand him and so went and teamed up with Buffy to try and send him to Hell (it worked). Spike is loosely based on Sid Vicious, with girlfriend Drusilla as his Nancy and liked a bit of punk music while driving around in his blacked-out car. What a pity that the writers eventually turned him soppy – first by putting a chip in his head so that he couldn’t kill anymore (although he could still kill with sarcasm) and later by giving him a soul. And don’t get me started on his ghost phase in “Angel”…

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