Top 10 Most Expensive Heists



5. Knightsbridge Security Deposit: $174 Million

Imagine making off with close to $175 million dollars and never being seen or heard from again. While some people see this as a fairy tale, a man named Valerio Veccei actually made it happen on July 12th, 1987 in the UK. Unfortunately, the police were not notified until nearly an hour after the robbery had begun. Because of this, Valerio and his team had plenty of time to get away. He was sentenced to 22 years behind bars and later died in 2000 after getting into a gun fight with police.


4. Baghdad Bank: $282 Million

On July 12th, 2007, one of the most expensive heists of all time happened at the Baghdad Bank, where close to $300 million dollars was stolen. It was believed that the three guards watching the loot had made off with the whopping haul. And to this day, it is still unclear why the bank was holding such a large amount of cash. Nobody has been brought to justice for this crime and no money has been recovered.


3. Boston Museum: $300 Million

Two men dressed as police officers walked into the Boston Museum on March 18th, 1990, and walked away with $300 million dollars. They had managed to convince two of the security guards at the museum that they were responding to an emergency call. When the “officers” made their way onto the premises, they handcuffed the guards in a basement. Over the next 81 minutes, the two men stole 12 pieces of art that were worth $300 million dollars.


2. City Bonds: $292 Million

A man named John Goddard got away with a briefcase containing about $292 million dollars’ worth of bearer bonds. His did this on May 2nd, 1990 in London. A man named Keith Cheeseman was the only person suspected of being involved in the crime and he was arrested and put away for almost seven years. All of the bonds were found except for 2 and it is still surprising to think that one of the most expensive heists of all time was conducted with just a knife.


1. Central Bank of Iraq: $1 Billion

Yes, you read that correctly: Over one billion dollars was stolen from the Central Bank of Iraq on March 18th, 2003. Was this robbery a result of careful planning? Or was it a result of brute force? It was actually quite simple: Saddam Hussein sent his son to make a withdrawal from the bank on behalf of a handwritten note. His son sat there as boxes filled with one hundred dollar bills were given to him. The entire operation took about five-hours. However, it didn’t get him very far as he was later killed by US troops. $350 million dollars was never recovered and is still considered lost to this day.

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