Top 10 Most Disappointing Follow-Ups

5. Kimbo Slice

As anyone with a passing knowledge of “Friends” knows, The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a no-holds-barred, brutal fighting challenge. You don’t just have to be tough to win a fight, you have to be near-indestructible. And so it was remarkable when the wonderfully-named Kimbo Slice burst onto the UFC scene in 2009, beating Houston Alexander in three rounds. For a moment there, it seemed like UFC had a new star, but it wasn’t meant to last. His second fight saw him knocked out by Matt Mitrione in the second round, and he was dropped from the league shortly afterwards. He later became a professional boxer, but has never quite lived up to his initial hype.


4. Cars 2

Cars” was never the best Pixar film, lacking the laugh-out-loud moments of its predecessors. But its story of friendship and racing appealed to small children – especially boys – and they bought Lightning McQueen pyjamas and lunchboxes by the truckload.

It’s bemusing then, that Pixar decided to mess with a winning formula for the sequel. The second movie was carried by Mater – who was essentially a one-note character – and the James Bond-esque plot was so complicated that even parents failed to follow it. Also, it wasn’t very funny and went on for way too long. Still, it shifted a load more merchandise, so there’s probably no-one at Disney-owned Pixar sobbing into their pillows about the loss of their artistic integrity.


3. Sam’s Town

Another debut album glittering with potential, the Las-Vegas based band Killers, released “Hot Fuss” in 2004 and with it came…a lot of fuss. It reached number 7 in the US charts and number 1 in the UK charts where it eventually became 6-times platinum. Critics hailed it as the best debut album of all time. So how to follow that up?

With “Sam’s Town”. Unlike the British-tinged debut album, Sam’s Town was American to its core, with songs about Grandma Dixie and a brother who was born on the 4th of July. And fans bought it, it did well in the charts but the overall feeling was one of indifference. It just wasn’t as good as “Hot Fuss”. Even Rolling Stone, who had lauded the first album, described the album as full of “unfortunate big-rock bombast”. Another band that peaked too soon.


2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

When the first “Pirates” film came out in 2003, no-one was expecting much. A film based on a theme-park ride – how exciting could that possibly be? So it was a pleasant surprise when it turned out to be not only full of swashbuckling grandeur but also a lot of sharp and witty humor, mostly courtesy of the now-iconic Jack Sparrow. It grossed $654,264,015 worldwide, far exceeding its budget.

A sequel was inevitable and it arrived three years later. But it somehow lacked the spark of the first one. While the money still rolled in, the reviews took a turn for the worse, with Rotten Tomatoes scoring it just 54%, compared to 79% for the first one. By the next film , that would sink to 44%, then 34% for the fourth. However, as long as they keep making money, the films will keep coming!


1. Heroes Series 2

However bad things have got in the lower reaches of the list, there is nothing that quite matches the car-crash that was the second series of “Heroes”. The first series had been snappy, plot-arc driven and cool. Everything had been working towards a point, and the finale was explosive. The second series was rambling, sappy and pointless. But what makes it exceptional? The fact that the writers of the show apologised for just how bad it was. In an unprecedented move, creator Tim Kring issued an apology for the slowness of the season saying that, among other mistakes they made, ” I don’t think romance is a natural fit for us.” A follow-up so disappointing that it comes with an official apology? A fitting winner of the number one slot!

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